“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous 2 our liberties than standing armies. If the American ppl ever allow private banks 2 control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks & corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the ppl of all property till their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should b taken from the banks & restored 2 the ppl, 2 whom it prprly belongs."
- T. Jefferson
This site is dedicated to new survivalist and for anyone who can see where our country is headed!


I am not antigoverment, I am anti Badgoverment! chinasyndrome 2009.


Sic Vis Pacem Para bellum

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Knife poll results are in !!!!

Out of 17 votes,we have 5 of us packing big choppers,along lines of kukri's,brutes,machete's,Lg bowie's.

Med to lg skinner's, 3

Small to med skinner's 7

Multi tool 11

Pocket knives 10

River walker carries ,machete,large bowie, wouldn't be a Texan without right?,med skinner, 2 folders,multi tool,keychain knife.

Mayberry keeps hatchet ready to go in survival pod!

Radio blogger alway's packs a saw an shovel or axe, or combo.

3%4 freedom carries sog seal 2000,kershaw flash,woodsmans pal,russel bootknife.

Last but not least,Elder Dragon packin serious steel in way of kukri,18 in bowie,med skinner,multi tool,pocketknife,2hawks,1 axe, 1 sharpener.

THANKS to ALL who answered !!!

Knives are like any other tool,you might get by with one, but you can do more with right tool for the job at hand!!!!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Saving Huge Bucks!!!!!!

Survival is survival. Getting by the best you can with what you got!Check out this lady who feeds family of six on $4 week.If it inspires you at all,my work is done for the day! watch video


Starve the Beast!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Part 3 emergency food sources

Crawdads,can be seined or trapped.Creekchubs,suckers,sunfish,line catch,seine. You could set several limblines,just let em swallow hooks. A small seine,add sticks for handles at scene,so yer not packing extra dead weight.

Snares,set em at animal trails.little wore paths in grass, you start looking you'll see em, calm down,slow down. Deadfalls can be batied and checked once or twice a day,not to often dont scare away quarry.

Cattails, Posting several links, many ways to eat.

Pine trees? needles can make tea,although one source says Not for Pregnant Women can cause misscarriage, inner bark can be eaten.

Muskrats,coons,possoum,and dogs, and cats can all be eaten in life or death situations.

Snakes,frogs, and turtles are all edible. frogs,just legs. Links will follow







Well this is not meant to be, the be all, know about emergency food,just something to get you thinkin about it,and to recognize what may be avaliable in your area.

Emeregency alternaitive food sources.

If you had fled your home with no food, but what was in your bugout bag,and now it's all gone.

What are you going to do.Whats in your pack? Hopefully snares or wire, or cordage to make snares.

Oh you didnt get that far. What about a conobear trap? no? ok, what about a couple of rat traps,squirrels are same size as big rat's.
oh none of them either.Ok fishing line and hooks for sure. yes, ok good job.
But next problem is you are miles from nearest lake or stream of any size! Damn It! calm down! We might get to eat yet.
If there's several people in group,then 1 or 2 start setting camp in as stealhy a way as possible, everyone else start finding food.
In most every area I've been in even if no decent sized streams or ponds, there are what we call piss creeks, you know little streams the kids play in in.
At first glance no life in em,keep looking,crawdads,creekchubs, suckers,small sunfish,snakes, cattails along the edges.
EEEwww China I'm not eating creekchubs.Ok,look the parties over,no credit card,no store you find it,kill it,clean it, eat it! Get tough,or starve!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Alternative food sources.

OK if you had to flee your home due to(insert scenario)leaving all of your food,ecept what you had in bug out bag,after this tiny bit was gone what would you do to feed yourself and or family?

Of course in this scenario you must remain in Stealth mode, cant go to friends or family. on your own,no one to count on except yourself! What would you do,your getting Hungry?

next post we will adress this. Your thoughts and experiences are welcomed,do share.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

open letter to president obama

Dear President Obabama, Why do you insist on trying to change our country, (USA) into a socialist country? You see many of us like our Country just the way it is Flaws and all, you see our country is an ongoing experiment. The USA is a republic by the people for the people.Most of us feel we have certain God given rights, by God I mean the one true God The God of Abraham Issaic Jacob and Moses the FATHER of JESUS , GOD! And when this all powerfull God grants us something, we take it very very Seriously!! Sir you told REP Defazio dont think we're not keeping score brother. Well,Sir I think the American people are saying the same to You! Sir we do not want another Civil War in our country! So at this time we would like for all politicians to Quit their jobs. You have All failed MISERIBLY. No for real!!! Biggest deficit in HISTORY OF THE WORLD, nothing to Show for it! Nancy Peloesi Told some people who tried to warn you nicely we dont like what you'all are doing, that they are not not a grass roots movement. A lot of them were Offended by that, you see they are the American working Class. They see Nancy as someone not in the working class,they know she thinks she is real special and the jet that the person before her used was not good enough for her so she blowed a bunch of Tax payers Money on A real Big new one!!! See this kind of Attitude displayed by You folks,IS whats causing the problem!!!! You say You want to Solve our country's Problems, Cool, then be the First President in History to fire every politician in Wash D.C. then Resign, Problems Solved. Sincerely the Republic !!!!!!!!!!

Hatchet Or Saw?

I wonder if more people are carrying a trappers ax,tomahawk. Or some kind of saw in their kits. Both would be good.I have hawks and small bow saw. Vaughn makes a nice mini hatchet you can carry on belt or in pack. Not cutting down trees mind you but for gathering firewood, its real nice.I reworked blade little sucker could be used in place of a knife in emergency ! Ultra sharp!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The forgotten knife?

One thing I rarely if ever hear anyone mention in their bug out bag,is a good fillet knife.Most are pretty light. I think under stealth conditions fishing may be one of better options for a quiet way to get food, and I dont like bones. You may be able to fillet with your hunter or fighter. Nicer job with the right tool though! my pack has two trot lines and fillet knife. Big boy gotta eat ya know!

Knives for outdoors!

Knives play an important role in outdoor life, i have and use many. I am running a poll to see what others are using, will post results.

Enemy of the State!

From here on out this site will be mainly on prepping and outdoor type articles. Between now and jan 1st I am moving all political,state of the world commentaries to my newer site.


Which will include prepper info as well, so come on by!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Axe Murder! sad humor.

Local news wrtv-6 reported Angola Ind. woman killed husband with numerous blows to head with an axe! Reason unknown at this time.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder went on record as saying this is appaling! He will immediately start special session on axe control!

Restrictions on axe sales,permits for concealed carry,Outright bans in wash -d.c. and chicago. Files used to sharpen axes will now come with serial numbers so Bureau of alchol tobacco and axes can monitor and track who owns and uses axes and files.

Sales of preban axes is through the roof at this time.N.A.A national axe association has said they will fight any new legaslation on axes!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Skinning and gutting rabbits!

Preparing wild rabbits to eat!

Survival Food gathering!

Baby Girl Graduated !

I have been so busy setting up my new blog, I totally forgot to tell everyone my baby girl Graduated from school with and associate degree in nursing, Needless to say Dad is very Proud of, and Happy for her!

No double dip!

Headline on Reuters article Says, IMF sees fragile recovery, no double dip. However if ya go on down to bottom. What the IMF spokeswoman said was ,the recovery is somewhat fragile....our best case scenario is that there continues to be growth and no double dip..uuummm ok. what about worse case scenario? anymore if their mouths are movin they are lying! Never checked who owns Reuters and who are they aligined with, what politics?

Robbing Peter to pay Paul!

A.P. article states, Senate wants to raise debt cieling from one point two trillion Dollars by another twohundred and ninety Billion dollars! If not U.S. could default for first time ever!

Damn aint that like raising the credit limit on a guy who can't pay credit debt he already has?

Well China wouldn' like it if we defaulted right might want to cashout, Ya know?

Hmmmmmm does that mean our dollars will be worth less, just askin? Got gold?

2010 Food shortages?

Food shortage is popping up all over net these day's! It appears dept of agriculture, may not be telling whole truth! Oh no , a govt agency lying to we the people , no way!

Anyone who likes to eat, thats not to busy watching T.V. or checking out who else Tiger is banging might want to look into this! I have done some checking some areas are listed as disaster areas due to flooding,drought etc. Yet usda is saying they are expecting record crop production? What the Hell?

Check out post by selous scout at Something wicked comes. Then do your Own research! If you havent started food storage yet, this may be time!

More on storm.

The big snow storm has dropped 15 to 16 inches of snow, stranding motorist for up to 27 hrs. At least one death due to exposure! Four people dead to car accidents.

Cities of Washington and Philidelphia are in state of emergencies.The States of Virginia,West Virginia,Kentucky,Maryland,and Delaware have all declared states of emergency!

Yes it can Happen to You! Do you have blankets,hand warmers,small shovel or something to remove snow from your tires? Perhaps energy bars, gloves. Plenty of gas in vehicle?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Equipment for cold weather.

Since no one I know at this time has woodstove or fireplace. What would you do if power was out for an extended period?

Do you have candles or oil lamps? Lanterns either gas or battery? Propane or kerosine heaters? Coleman or comparable dual fuel stove? gas or charcoal grill? Please do not foget what happened in Kentucky last year! A lot of people were caught off guard and some froze!

Do not let this Happen to your people! In my mind if you are warm, can eat and drink ,well you are in pretty good shape. Are you ? At this time some parts of U.S. just got hit with two feet of snow!

Thanks and Clarification.

In an older post. I was describing blogs and their writers .

On Hermit Jims I used the description of one of those weird guy's who dont like people, yet is the first with kind words or good advice.

It has been pointed out this could be taken the wrong way!

In refrenece to weird. I guess what I meant to say, was it's weird that such a kind gentle soul would be a Hermit. Obviously by choice because he was the first person I was drawn to seek advice from. And indeed I was shocked when he did answer and it was with good advice at that.

My exwife who is a good friend pointed out not everyone may have understood what I meant. So weird in a wonderfull sort of way,hope that clarifies that! And thanks to exwife as well for bringing to my attention!

How to riot!

Have you folks seen Pastor Manning on you tube if not you should. The man is right White folks haven't rioted yet,But when they do its gonna be Bad!

I 'm not saying you should riot But if you're Gonna.

Well I have noticed when black folks have rioted in the past they have trashed Their own neihborhoods! not being Racist just an observation.

So when you all get ready take it to Washington dont trash your neighborhood!and if I was gonna then yes Pastor you could join!

IT's all kind of tongue in cheek.this nothing do with race just Politics gone Wild!


Sorry People I Am Pissed Off AND ON A ROLL!

If you are watcing news you have probally seen where obammy has offered 3oo billion to help climate control at copenhagen. But yet only proposing 30 billion to help small businesses in U.S. what the Hell! of course both are proposals!

When all said and done small business gets nothing.Well taxed on co2 probally! And if I remember article correctly the banks get this money to encourage lending to small businesses,What a crock! Gotta open a window starting to smell in here!

Can any of you remember when we thought a millon was a true fortune? They are spending TRILLIONS of your Money ! UMMH Obama You should probally order TWO MILLION TROOPS HOME! Cause when AMERICANS finally figure out What you people have Done IT will be Ugly!

Protectionism! YES!

Ok first was Greed. The Govt. is always telling other countries we wont be protectionist.

WELL Bullshit!

I always heard charity starts at Home. let me get my House straight then maybe I help you with yours.

Yeah lets get a little protectiontist! And then America decides if we are gonna help you out. Not a bunch of politicians that think my tax dollars are theres.

Oh wait mine are are Gone. So are my KIDS. well Hell take grandkids money TOO!

Protectionism and Greed !

What has led us To where we are today? I think Greed.

In the fiftes and sixties dad worked mom stayed home and raised the family. And of course things were not perfect.

Fast forward thirty or forty years. The working man wants to make big bucks,not so many hours at work, wants Ins, and days off paid, some retirement money! Cant blame a guy for that right!

Well Mr Businessman Keeps coming up with all this stuff , working man would Like to have new thing called p.c, lets working man get on a thing called web gotta have. oooh a phone you can carry with you , gotta have. This thing plays tapes on T.V. gotta have it. new thing called cable instead of four channels on T.V. now over one hundred, gotta have it.

So much stuff MoM has to start working. The kids dont have as much love or supervision as before where does that lead? So much cool new stuff they gotta have. Ok nobody has that much money, but we want our stuff. Hum Credit I can buy stuff I cant afford. Cool.

Now MR Businessman wants his bucks too. Labor in U.S. costing me to much. finds cheap labor in other countries. Profits go up. cool. Foreign countries have a lot of money so they buy U.S. co. The money goes home to foreign country. Soon co not really in U.S.

Mr workingman Buying cheap foreign crap to save money. Soon U.S. in Real Bad shape.

Mr politician sez He gonna Help U.S. he takes Mr workingmans tax money and gives to foreign countries and his friends in Banking and on wall street.

Mr workingman is sad! but guess what he is still not doing anything about!

Come on people it's Still OUR COUNTRY for Now ACT before it's TOO LATE!!!!!!

Boys and Toys

For all of you survival gear types! Dont forget to check out m4040. lots of good outdoor stuff! This is your go to guy For all things knife related!

Friday, December 18, 2009


Quick scan of headlines reveals nothing new! Here in Indy 1 to 2'' snow forecast overnight. Well that means I'm going to bed early. Someone has to keep the apts safe and snowfree.

Recieved some helpfull advice from Hermit Jim ! ! To continue with other helpfull blogs. One you really should checkout is our friend Ferfal in Argentinna. Ferfal has and is living through an economic collapse . Surviving in Argentina.

next we have Natog at Teotwawkiaff . Natog has a really good fiction story going, really top notch!

Ok have You started yet??? beans by the bag are cheap! spam Cheap! rice Cheap! three Cheap ones.

Gotta start somewhere. OK?

Friday at last!

Goodmorning people! For those of you who have just found my little blog.

I have only been at it a few days now. Still learning how to express my self,figuring out what it is I'm trying to say. Mainly this is to help my family and friends get prepared for coming days!

if it seems I am just babbling or you dont really get anything from this. Remember to look on my side bar there you will find links to the people I read with many more coming up. Consider this a map to many places you can go.

The survivalist Blog M.D. Creekmore he is a nononsense do it cheap but do it kind of guy.

Bison Survival Blog. Hell you just have to read Mr jim find out for yourself.

Indiana preppers network. first time I read ernie I thought whoa one paranoid chick.but the more things come to pass ,believe me she is not paranoid. I think she will be our early warning device!

Staying alive blog michael seems like old friend you may not always agree but he has your best intrest at heart.

UrbanSurvival Mr ure not an out in the woods type blog, semi retired businessman type who is very smart about economy,finance, and can even fill you in on some wild stuff like webbots,missing time etc.

And if it all gets to much go have some Coffee with the Hermit. hermit jim seems like the kindly uncle who just has good old comon sense .make you laugh with his pictures.one of thoose weird guys who dont like people but first one with kind words or good advice.You will feel like you know him.

Ok ya all. Should be enough to get you started.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Natural gas going up!

Natural gas going up !new york merchanitile exchange says gas for january delivery up 7%.

crazy Again!

I feel like no one is listening.

The running joke with my kids and friends is if the shit hits the fan we are coming to my house.which if they can make it would be great! However we are seperated by aprx. 30 miles of I-465, so goodluck! Dad is prepping on a tight budget!

ALL of you !!! who are counting on me or someone like me. Please get Your shit together! Minumum 2 weapons+ ammo, food even ravioli,beefstew,spam,oats,some water,2-liter bottles work,a grill and charcoal.Something!!!!!!!!!

I can arm and feed some of ya,but if I'm first one gone,whats your plan then.Cause ya know Murphy will straight tear up a perfectly good plan!!!!!!! Love Dad!

The dark lord going to Trial!

Apparently, the patriots have finally been Heard! Obamas trial on eligibilty to be president of USA is scheduled for January 26 2010. How much damage will be done by then?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thomas jefferson

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against everyform of tyranny over the mind of man." --Thomas Jefferson*

Am I Crazy?

Whenever I talk about survival people get this kind of weird look.They listen but you know they dont get it. Preppers get it!

What is Crazy about having things to get your family and friends through bad times? None of you think auto or home owners insurance is Crazy right? Most people are lucky and never have to use it! Well maybe You should consider Prepping as keep eating in hard times Insurance!

In the best case scenario,the economy recovers,crop production picks up, no rioting,the dark lord doesnt call in his million soliders. The poles dont shift in 2012. Life becomes all rainbows and unicorns.

Well hell we will all have guns and ammo to practise our hobby of target shooting,enough groceries we dont have to go to the store for a couple years.

Yep thats pretty Damn crazy what the hell was I thinking? why if something does go wrong The gubbermant will take care of us. Yeah I'm the one thats crazy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Survival Food

If times are about to be as bad as many are predicting.Now is the time to get ready!

Hunting .Fishing.Trapping.Obviously storing food.Gardening.

Do you have seeds to plant with?Guns to hunt with? Do you know how to make traps and snares?Do you fish?

Do you know how to clean and prepare game/fish.

Its all fun and games untill the stores have no food on the shelves!

Do you know the times to plant in your area? Which crops do well which not so well, and those which just wont work in your area? Do you know how to store or prepare these crops?

Major Storm Epected Across Ind. snow +Ice

A Huge Storm duping up to three feet of snow followed by Freezing rain.Power Outages Expected. Comes throug this afternoon.!!!!!!!!!!!

OK just kidding but if it did would you be ready?Do you have food,water,candles,flashlights or lanterns.Do you have a heat source ?

ya know once electricty is out,your gas furnace wont run. controls are electric!

Maybe today would be a good day to make a list and start picking up items you and your family may need!

Kerosine and propane heaters may be a good option for some.remember any auxilary heater that burns a fuel will emit co 2 and other gases.Keep a window cracked for ventilation!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Republic

If you ask most folks what America is they will tell you it's a democracy.It is not.we are.

Well, we WERE a republic. In a democracy the majority rules! What if the majority wanted to take your wife, home, finances, car, children, labor, etc? Well too bad, the democracy ruled.

The founding fathers were smart enough to realize this. So we became a republic, ruled by laws. Ruled by the Public! No king. No monarch.

The Dark lord serving his people!

http://www.eutimes.net/2009/11/obama-orders-1-million-us-troops-to-prepare-for-civil-war/ Link to EU times article.Obama ordering one million troops to quell civil war? Wow those who wanted change are sure as hell getting it!
Job searching is a scary business. As someone who does hiring for maintenance employees. Perhaps I can give some small insight as to what I look for.

Be on time five minutes early no more. I've had people come 2 hours early, one day early, 20 mins late, half a day late. Be on time.

Dress dress for job you are applying for. I've had maintenance guys come in dressed like pimps, hobos, or maybe were changing oil in car, and just ran by to apply for job. Had one kid come in shorts that would make daisy duke blush, 6 gold chains, slouching in chair like it didnt matter if he got job or not.

Look the interviewer in the eyes, give a firm handshake, thank them for seeing you. Be confident, but not cocky.

Fill out application fully. A lot of people have told me, thats ok its on my resume. Fill out app fully. Do bring current resume,but its your app that new co will be using to verify references.

Make sure several of your references are verifiable. In maintenance its common for several to be unverfiable, due to high turnover rates, but if all are unverifiable it will appear shady.

Answer questions looking interviewer in eyes. Dont give more info than they need. Dont whine and gripe about last co.

When interview is over shake interviewers hand thank them for their time.

Follow up with one call, one week later, and one at two weeks, unless interviewer has gave you their time frame.

People think I will call until they hire me. No you will be a pest. Chances are if they are interested they will call. If they dont call, dont dispair. Sometimes you will not be best choice. Two weeks later you may then be the best choice.

Show interest, but do not be a pest. Hope this helps.
http://www.rand.org/pubs/monographs/2009/RAND_MG819.pdf Link to rand document scary stuff.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

civil unrest?

I hope everyone is storing food,water,guns,ammo,auxillary heat and cooking sources.

I think by now everyone knows the mainstream media does not really tell us what is going on. Ohhhhhh come on!.... act surprised! any day we could have economy collapse.

Lots of info on net. Turn off the tube.... turn off idol, housewifes, law and order, svu and all will still be there.

Do some research.These are very scary times. I saw a report from the Rand corp which does reports for US military saying we need a Stability Police Force to be ran by US Marshall Service or Homeland Security or Military police if we just get rid of that stupid ole posse comitatus law.

You know US military used against US citizens. The SPF would be used to quell civil unrest/uprisings. Ohhhhh..... do you think they think dumbass US citizens catching on finally?????? Hmmmmmm.....

But wait things are getting better why would there be unrest?There appears to be mutated viruses coming on american shores.I believe it was georgia, south carolina.will do more research and get back to you on that.
The politicians are telling us all is well.unemployment has dropped a couple of percent.uh huh.couldnt possibly be do to seasonal hiring right I dont know like maybe Christmas?

I am not an economist but I am a person who goes to the grocery store how come the same amount of money is buying less?they are making packaging smaller but charging the same or more kinda seems like inflation.

Every single day you hear they are going to spend 30 billion on this 200 billion on that.We are spent out we cant afford any more taxes.its our money they act like its theres to do with as they please.

people have tea partys because they are angry Queen Pelosi says its not a grass roots movement,its astroturf well perhaps its time to yank the astro turf out from under her ass.Your dollars are barely worth more than the paper its printed on!

I have read in numerous places that since 1913 the dollar has lost 90 to 95% of its purchasing power.gold is through the roof because people are afraid of the dollar declining further.

traditonally small to medium businesses employ the most people.why then can thet not get loans to expand these businesses? um maybe because the politicians friends are in banking,wallstreet,multinational companies?

I tell ya seems we dont have to worry about foreign terriost we have the whitehouse sinking our ship. Got life preservers?

First post

Hello all,this is my first attempt at blogging.so please bear with me as I attempt to muddle through this.

I am an American who is angry,and utterly amazed at the sad state of my country.

Why are we allowing this to continue.It seems most people dont feel one person can make a difference.perhaps not but if you me your friends and my friends the people we work with all get together perhaps we can make a difference.

Friends someone needs to act,and act soon!

I have never been what you would call an activist. But damn, someone must act and act soon.

so hopefully in the days to follow you can help me.

Please tell me your concerns.and I will post on what concerns you all most.



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