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Sunday, December 13, 2009

civil unrest?

I hope everyone is storing food,water,guns,ammo,auxillary heat and cooking sources.

I think by now everyone knows the mainstream media does not really tell us what is going on. Ohhhhhh come on!.... act surprised! any day we could have economy collapse.

Lots of info on net. Turn off the tube.... turn off idol, housewifes, law and order, svu and all will still be there.

Do some research.These are very scary times. I saw a report from the Rand corp which does reports for US military saying we need a Stability Police Force to be ran by US Marshall Service or Homeland Security or Military police if we just get rid of that stupid ole posse comitatus law.

You know US military used against US citizens. The SPF would be used to quell civil unrest/uprisings. Ohhhhh..... do you think they think dumbass US citizens catching on finally?????? Hmmmmmm.....

But wait things are getting better why would there be unrest?There appears to be mutated viruses coming on american shores.I believe it was georgia, south carolina.will do more research and get back to you on that.


  1. http://blogs.healthfreedomalliance.org/blog/2009/11/25/iowa-and-north-carolina-reports-raise-fears-h1n1-mutations-have-reached-united-states/

  2. It appears that Iowa docs seeing wet hemorragic lungs with lots of blood.no carolina reports tamiflu resistant strain of h1n1.utah has case of hemorragic swine flu.I cant remember where I first seen article picked up link from ernie at Indiana preppers network.Thanks ernie!

  3. Hmmmm check this out..




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