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- T. Jefferson
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Protectionism and Greed !

What has led us To where we are today? I think Greed.

In the fiftes and sixties dad worked mom stayed home and raised the family. And of course things were not perfect.

Fast forward thirty or forty years. The working man wants to make big bucks,not so many hours at work, wants Ins, and days off paid, some retirement money! Cant blame a guy for that right!

Well Mr Businessman Keeps coming up with all this stuff , working man would Like to have new thing called p.c, lets working man get on a thing called web gotta have. oooh a phone you can carry with you , gotta have. This thing plays tapes on T.V. gotta have it. new thing called cable instead of four channels on T.V. now over one hundred, gotta have it.

So much stuff MoM has to start working. The kids dont have as much love or supervision as before where does that lead? So much cool new stuff they gotta have. Ok nobody has that much money, but we want our stuff. Hum Credit I can buy stuff I cant afford. Cool.

Now MR Businessman wants his bucks too. Labor in U.S. costing me to much. finds cheap labor in other countries. Profits go up. cool. Foreign countries have a lot of money so they buy U.S. co. The money goes home to foreign country. Soon co not really in U.S.

Mr workingman Buying cheap foreign crap to save money. Soon U.S. in Real Bad shape.

Mr politician sez He gonna Help U.S. he takes Mr workingmans tax money and gives to foreign countries and his friends in Banking and on wall street.

Mr workingman is sad! but guess what he is still not doing anything about!

Come on people it's Still OUR COUNTRY for Now ACT before it's TOO LATE!!!!!!

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