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- T. Jefferson
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday at last!

Goodmorning people! For those of you who have just found my little blog.

I have only been at it a few days now. Still learning how to express my self,figuring out what it is I'm trying to say. Mainly this is to help my family and friends get prepared for coming days!

if it seems I am just babbling or you dont really get anything from this. Remember to look on my side bar there you will find links to the people I read with many more coming up. Consider this a map to many places you can go.

The survivalist Blog M.D. Creekmore he is a nononsense do it cheap but do it kind of guy.

Bison Survival Blog. Hell you just have to read Mr jim find out for yourself.

Indiana preppers network. first time I read ernie I thought whoa one paranoid chick.but the more things come to pass ,believe me she is not paranoid. I think she will be our early warning device!

Staying alive blog michael seems like old friend you may not always agree but he has your best intrest at heart.

UrbanSurvival Mr ure not an out in the woods type blog, semi retired businessman type who is very smart about economy,finance, and can even fill you in on some wild stuff like webbots,missing time etc.

And if it all gets to much go have some Coffee with the Hermit. hermit jim seems like the kindly uncle who just has good old comon sense .make you laugh with his pictures.one of thoose weird guys who dont like people but first one with kind words or good advice.You will feel like you know him.

Ok ya all. Should be enough to get you started.


  1. Hey, I appreciate the plug! Guess I am sorta like the crazy Uncle we all have, but I like to think sometimes I'm crazy like a fox!

    You keep up the good work, my friend. It may not be easy, but only the truth!

  2. Hi jim thanks for stopping by. I am trying.




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