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Monday, December 14, 2009

Job searching is a scary business. As someone who does hiring for maintenance employees. Perhaps I can give some small insight as to what I look for.

Be on time five minutes early no more. I've had people come 2 hours early, one day early, 20 mins late, half a day late. Be on time.

Dress dress for job you are applying for. I've had maintenance guys come in dressed like pimps, hobos, or maybe were changing oil in car, and just ran by to apply for job. Had one kid come in shorts that would make daisy duke blush, 6 gold chains, slouching in chair like it didnt matter if he got job or not.

Look the interviewer in the eyes, give a firm handshake, thank them for seeing you. Be confident, but not cocky.

Fill out application fully. A lot of people have told me, thats ok its on my resume. Fill out app fully. Do bring current resume,but its your app that new co will be using to verify references.

Make sure several of your references are verifiable. In maintenance its common for several to be unverfiable, due to high turnover rates, but if all are unverifiable it will appear shady.

Answer questions looking interviewer in eyes. Dont give more info than they need. Dont whine and gripe about last co.

When interview is over shake interviewers hand thank them for their time.

Follow up with one call, one week later, and one at two weeks, unless interviewer has gave you their time frame.

People think I will call until they hire me. No you will be a pest. Chances are if they are interested they will call. If they dont call, dont dispair. Sometimes you will not be best choice. Two weeks later you may then be the best choice.

Show interest, but do not be a pest. Hope this helps.

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