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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Emeregency alternaitive food sources.

If you had fled your home with no food, but what was in your bugout bag,and now it's all gone.

What are you going to do.Whats in your pack? Hopefully snares or wire, or cordage to make snares.

Oh you didnt get that far. What about a conobear trap? no? ok, what about a couple of rat traps,squirrels are same size as big rat's.
oh none of them either.Ok fishing line and hooks for sure. yes, ok good job.
But next problem is you are miles from nearest lake or stream of any size! Damn It! calm down! We might get to eat yet.
If there's several people in group,then 1 or 2 start setting camp in as stealhy a way as possible, everyone else start finding food.
In most every area I've been in even if no decent sized streams or ponds, there are what we call piss creeks, you know little streams the kids play in in.
At first glance no life in em,keep looking,crawdads,creekchubs, suckers,small sunfish,snakes, cattails along the edges.
EEEwww China I'm not eating creekchubs.Ok,look the parties over,no credit card,no store you find it,kill it,clean it, eat it! Get tough,or starve!

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