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- T. Jefferson
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

open letter to president obama

Dear President Obabama, Why do you insist on trying to change our country, (USA) into a socialist country? You see many of us like our Country just the way it is Flaws and all, you see our country is an ongoing experiment. The USA is a republic by the people for the people.Most of us feel we have certain God given rights, by God I mean the one true God The God of Abraham Issaic Jacob and Moses the FATHER of JESUS , GOD! And when this all powerfull God grants us something, we take it very very Seriously!! Sir you told REP Defazio dont think we're not keeping score brother. Well,Sir I think the American people are saying the same to You! Sir we do not want another Civil War in our country! So at this time we would like for all politicians to Quit their jobs. You have All failed MISERIBLY. No for real!!! Biggest deficit in HISTORY OF THE WORLD, nothing to Show for it! Nancy Peloesi Told some people who tried to warn you nicely we dont like what you'all are doing, that they are not not a grass roots movement. A lot of them were Offended by that, you see they are the American working Class. They see Nancy as someone not in the working class,they know she thinks she is real special and the jet that the person before her used was not good enough for her so she blowed a bunch of Tax payers Money on A real Big new one!!! See this kind of Attitude displayed by You folks,IS whats causing the problem!!!! You say You want to Solve our country's Problems, Cool, then be the First President in History to fire every politician in Wash D.C. then Resign, Problems Solved. Sincerely the Republic !!!!!!!!!!


  1. As I read this, Aerosmith is singing "dream on, dream on" in my head. Not that I don't think that is a wonderful idea....

  2. Well,cuz I am giving them their out! After that I think we all now,whats next!




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