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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Time to step up prepping!

The latest debacle has me stepping up preps!

Funny we are the Greatest Super power in the World and yet life is so delicate.

Just think of one full day of no power in U.S.? One full week of no banks? One full day of law enforcement? One full day of no emergency services of any kind?

We have seen examples of Govt saving people!

This entire weekend had me thinking about preps.Sorting,double checking,making list,etc.No money to spare but that doesn't mean you can't do anything.

Check and see what you do have? Make list and prioritize,must have to survive,would like to have,very cool but not necessary for survival.

Attitude,not enough can be said about attitude. If you think you can survive,you probably can survive. If you think you are doomed,yep you are doomed.

Knowledge in my mind second to attitude only.The more you know the easier things will be.

Attitude + knowledge will pull you through better than a mountain of preps that you don't know what exactly to do with.

Balance. Balance is important,I have pointed out that I myself am prone to going overboard on guns,neglecting other preps.

Food,water,shelter,security. Big 4. If you haven't started yet,this is a good time to get started prices will be going up on everything.They already have went up but so called debt crisis will make it worse.

If you are new to prepping the good folks in my blog list can help you get started.

Be Prepared!



  1. China, on point as always but that sneaky one caught up with you again don't forget the communications. I agree though knowledge is power and balance is key, Prep hard brother.

  2. Scott,good point! Comms are still a problem with friends and family here! I am afraid once cell phones are down its China rounding everyone up.Then we communicate! AARRRhhh! No one same page on that one.


  3. Morning to you. Thanks for emphasizing attitude. Truthfully, that probably puts everything so much in the shade it needs saying more as a mantra than as a single component. It sits underneath any other components, all the others stacked on top of it, teetering with whatever direction it's leaning any given day.

    Water? A water filter <3 microns will take care of it for almost anyone not lost in a desert.

    Food? 50# of pinto beans and 50# of corn, wheat, even milo from a livestock feedstore will get a person through a lot longer than he's likely to live anyway.

    Shelter? A couple of heavy black plastic garbage bags for lawn clippings in a pinch will keep a person dry and warmer than he has any right to expect. Or any other piece of plastic or tarp can be rigged for a shelter with a couple of pieces of twine or rope.

    Security? Anything from a piece of pipe, a hunting knife, a closet dowel sharpened to a point will protect anyone from most threats if he's smart enough to keep his head down and not go looking for trouble.

    The basic components for survival are a pocketknife, a bic lighter, a piece of tin foil thick enough to hold water, and the attitude required not to need anything else.

    If what you believe is going to happen actually happens there'll be plenty of pots, pans, all manner of things lying around no longer needed by the corpses who owned them. No point tossing your time and energies into pre-duplicating today what's inevitable surplus in the aftermath of the sort of disruptions you believe inevitable.

    Just a few thoughts, and my particular biases about preparations.

  4. Morning,SoFar! In agreement up till point of if what you believe happens. It's not what I believe will happen its what I Believe could happen. On any given day Something could happen if its huge you might be right no point you can scrounge or pick up whats needed.However if its a long slow slide into third worldness we might want to get our own stuff now while we can. Thanks for sharing your views!





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