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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sucess good product at good price.

I finally found a good holster for my Kel-Tec pf-9. I love my little pf-9 9mm firepower in a package the size of most .25 or .380's.

For the last 3 years I either have it in my pocket or console of car.

It is an ultra light 14.6 oz with empty mag. 7 shot mag and 1 in chamber.So having it in back pocket is ok while fishing,walking,etc but not optimal for all situations.

I have looked long an hard for a good holster that I like. Everybody is going to IWB holsters. Inside waist band. I wanted a high ride out side mount belt ride.I do not like the pocket clips that are offered either.

Finally I found an outfit called The Holster Store. $25 and some change got me there Pro carry belt ride holster,black leather I guess you would call it a belt slide.It appears to be of good quality and HOLD on to your Hat it is Made in America.

China is a happy camper! Quick shipping too!I ordered it on Sat it was in mailbox today(wed).

You can reach them at WWW The Holster Store.com or 407-957-3006.

Disclaimer I am not associated with either Kel-Tec or The Holster Store other than satisfied customer of both.

Cheaper than Dirt came in today today too.Finally found the .45 165 grain Cor-Bon's 573 ft/lbs at the muzzle,1250 fps.There 230 grain are 461 at muzzle,950fps. I have had good luck with Cor-bon ammo if you try it make sure your gun is rated for +p...

Be Prepared!



  1. I have two PF-9 guns in black/black on order, should be here next week.

    How about writing up a review of the pistol for the blog here?

    I will have to check out the holster find you have listed.

  2. Will do! I have had two. They are very light which does make them a handful when shooting.Both of mine were are black,I bought before they came out with the cool new colors,but I like black.It has decent accuracy for what it is. Ok I should just do the review..





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