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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Debris shelter saves boy scout! Score one for bushcraft!

Lost scout builds debris shelter to survive cold Utah night. Young man paid attention to bush craft lesson,have you?


Canterbury shows one type.

M-40 shows several quick n easy shelters if its cold and your lost and tired you are not going to be building a home just something to keep you dry and warm with the least amount of energy expended!


Be Prepared!



  1. We seem to be on the same wavelength, buddy! I did a story about the very same scout!

    I'm certainly glad the kid was paying attention! He could have used a fire steel, I'm thinking!

  2. Well Jim they say great minds think alike Ha Ha..
    Firesteel an beef jerky heck he would been camping out!


  3. When you leave camp carry at least minimum kit.
    --knit wool watch cap
    --leather palm work gloves
    --lightweight GI hooded poncho
    --space blanket w neckhole. wear as poncho liner
    --hooded unlined nylon shirt
    --Energizer LED light
    --map and compass
    --knife and hone
    --candle lantern (extra tea candles inside lantern )
    --two BIC lighters
    --magnesium firestarter w/ hacksaw scraper and P38
    --canteen(s), canteen cups and water purification tabs.
    --fish kit......braided 50 lb test Spiderwire on plastic bobbin,
    size 12 and size 8 treble on safety pins, Mepps and
    Daredevils, two Speedhooks
    --food . perhaps two cans of corned beef
    or sardines
    -- if SHTF/SERE Katadyn Pocket Water Filter.
    weighs 2 lb. rated at 13K gallons.
    --Large bore sidearm or rifle.
    RON away from camp, lean against rock or tree. Clear combustibles 10 feet in all directions. Insulate your butt from the ground. Put on liner and poncho. Make small fire in Dakota fire pit or place candle lantern on stick across a small hole. Heat rises inside poncho. The Hilton it aint but it keeps you alive.
    NB when you think that you are lost, sit down, think it over, check map, drink water, eat if hungry. Relax. If it is late afternoon plan to spend the night in that area.




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