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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review of the Survivalist Blog.

M.D. Creekmores Survival Blog was one of the first survival blogs I read.Here was this guy who didn't have much money doing what I wanted to do. Living out in the country being as self sufficient as possible on the cheap. And he was making it!

Here we are a few years later,he has upgraded some things a little just as any prepper would. Still showing how to make the prepping dollars stretch.Its still one of the first blogs I recommend to new preppers.

Creekmore has great readers with a tremendous knowledge of prepping. Most preppers are nice folks who are willing to share info saving you the pain of their mistakes.

I liked the fact he wasn't too far out there like some.Nor was he spending a fortune on things I could never afford. Prepping for everyday emergencies made sense. Natural disasters could hit at any time so being prepared made sense. Not having a ton of money myself,his make do attitude struck a cord with me.

The way the economy has been going downhill and all the talk of food shortages looming,prepping makes more sense than ever.

I always scan the comments in the what did you did you do to prep this week. I check it every week. I don't always comment,but do always read. Remember those great readers I mentioned? Well once a week they tell Creekmore and each other what they got done. Trust me you can pick up a lot of great info!

For beginners or long time preppers it still is a good read.About the time you think you thought of everything someone will post a comment making you think now that's a great idea,and off ya go!

Find MD Creekmores Survival Blog Here..




  1. Good Post. All survivalist blogs have to start somewhere...I started mine just a few months ago. Will you please consider my blog for inclusion into your survival blog list? It is at http://survivalgearguru.com/. Mine is aimed at helping the newly awakened survivalist find some good information. Thank you kindly.
    -James Sorick

  2. ...MD was one of my first...at least,the first i visited regularly...i still get there once or twice a week...ALWAYS check the 'what did you do to prep' comments too...great minds think alike

  3. Ken no doubts about Brother! Glad to see ya back!





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