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Monday, July 18, 2011

Prepper Social Security?

I am a firm believer that Social Security will not be there for me when and if I get to retire.At one time I had a little gold and a good bit of silver well hard times hit and I sold it all plus several beloved firearms.

I have made up for the firearms. I have a 401k through work,I put in the max that they will match. I started saving copper penny's and nickels as some think they may be worth a little bit more than face due to metal content. Once I get caught up financially (if), I may pick a bit of silver again.

Mainly I am laying in food,guns,ammo,fishing equip,trapping supplies etc.seeds,grain,grinder,flour,rice,etc,several tents,several stoves,a good many knives (possibly a fetish)several old school hand tools,axes,water filters,etc.

Too bad there is no crystal ball to allow us to gaze in to the future.What sort of collapse may we be facing?

Death of the dollar seems very possible.Rioting if this happens for sure along with theft robbery etc.

Social Security and welfare type payments not being paid seems very possible as well.Sorry not lumping you retirees with welfare just meaning payments by Gov period.Nor do I mean welfare is bad in all cases.Now that that is cleared up.

Default by Govt would lead extreme to measures.Inflation is on the rise at least as far as what my dollar buys me Govt figures be damned. My paycheck even with a couple of small raises will not buy nearly as much as 2 yrs ago!

My Social Security plan is to get as much food and survival items purchased or made or traded for as quickly as possible.Barter items included some so called Survival experts say barter is a poor plan.Yet barter has been done since the time of man.Not my main plan but part of plan none the less. I have a box of .22 rounds to spare and you extra cooking oil we just might make a deal!

I have wandered around a bit Steaming hot day and very tired will probably come back to this subject.What is your Social Security plan?

Be Prepared!


  1. ...same,same Brother,especially since i helped more than a few folks after the tornadoes,my 'stores' are about a third less than what it was...food and ammo Bro'...right now my SS-plan is food and ammo

  2. Ken,sucks to know what ya need vs what ya kin afford!Thats life I guess.I hate to say it but in some ways some of us might actually be better off in total collapse.





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