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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heat wave threatens power grid!

Are you set up to cope if your power goes down during a massive 100 degree heat wave? Generator or battery powered fans?

For you folks with Ryobi cordless 18v tools they make a good little fan.I bought one for one of my maint guys for x-mas.The first one didn't work out of the box,second one is a champ 2sp and runs a long time on one battery.

I have seen 12v (car battery) models at Sportsmans guide and camping stores.Deep cycle 12v battery would be perfect. Generator and window a/c would be premo but out side of my budget at this time.

Homemade swamp cooler, fan blowing through wet towel or similar set up could get ya through short outage.Even a cool basement might be comfortable.

I am sure if ya think about you will come up with other ways.Options are good!

Be prepared!


Just remember a crisis is not the time to figure it out.

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