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Monday, November 12, 2012

What is a Patriot.What is a Militia? What is a 3%er

I was asked by a friend to explain what a Militia is. Also whats a threeper (III%er) etc. What is a Patriot. I am in a hurry but will do my best to explain.

 She said most people hear Militia and think White Supremacist,i said in a few cases probably true but most of us see a man as a man.

 I said a Militia is a group of Patriots who train to fight together in case needed to fight off enemies of their state or country Foreign or Domestic. I said most of General Washington's troops were Militia not enlisted soldiers. I said many Militia groups were infiltrated by subversive elements to give them a bad name. There may be a few crazies but is this not true of any group of humans? Most are good people who value freedom above all else.

Some groups train for disaster relief.

Militias are made up of regular people who care about their Country. The Founding fathers held Militias in high regard. As a Patriotic American many of us still do.

Foes of Free men and women who are armed see Militias as a threat! I wonder why? Well lets see,armed citizens can fight back if needed.

Unarmed Citizens can be made slaves, forced to do those who have arms bidding. Or you Die history has many many examples of such.

Three Percenters  Threepers  3% the III etc

During the Revolution only 3% of American citizens actually took up arms and fought,they were supported by ( numbers vary) somewhere between 6 to 20 % of citizens who even though not actually fighting supplied weapons,money,food,hiding places,information,etc.

So we took up the title 3% like our Comrades before us even though outnumbered we will fight for Freedom. Arms are the last means to accomplish this. Some think we want a civil war. This couldn't be further from the truth.

We merely want to keep what we earn. We would pay fair taxes that were spent on what they were supposed to be spent on! We want to raise our family's as we see fit. We want to be left alone. Most are strong individualist. We don't want Govt phones,we want to earn a living. We do not believe in big Govt just as our Founding fathers did not ..

We do Strongly support the right to keep and bear arms! A right provided by GOD and the CONSTITUTION of THE USA. Anyone seeking to disarm Americans is a Traitor PERIOD!

Someone who loves his Country and Supports his Country. My definition not dictionary's .

One can be all the above at the same time! Or a Patriot without being in a Militia. Or a Threeper without being in a Militia. However Militia gives you the support of like minded individuals,if the bullets start flying for whatever reason a group of friends who are trained to fight will increase your odds of living many fold over trying to be Rambo on your own!

All the above love their Country,Freedom,Family.

All the time I have for now,I hope my humble explanation helps some!

God Bless America. God Bless the 3%. God Bless Patriots. God please don't bless the Commies or Socialist or disease ridden liberals.Amen.



  1. Good post, buddy! Makes perfect sense to me!

  2. Good explanation. The MSM is high up there on my "list". Bastards...

  3. Thanks Craig! Yep same here!


  4. ...accurate enuff for me too...good job Bro'

  5. Heck of a post. Well written. I think I'll copy it and post it if you don't mind? And thanks. I need to post this as many of my peeps think Militia is all corrupt and Supremacists.

  6. Thanks! Post away!! The MsM has portrayed Militia groups as evil White Supremacists or Domestic terrorist just waiting to blow people up. And as usual they are totally wrong,just everyday folks trying to save their Country and support each other!


  7. Update of a comment of mine from WRSA. Explains a bit about who we are.

    Militias are by nature local, most serving a single county or town.
    Some are state wide organizations with hundreds of members. Most follow some kind of military rank structure, others are simply
    Militant Preppers who band together to train.

    The one thing that identifies a true militia (as opposed to a select militia, armed
    vigilantes, or gang) is an adherence to the Constitution. Many are strict constructionists using only the original draft and bill of rights as a moral compass. In spite of the similarities every Militia stands apart and is different, simply because of the varied nature of the Patriot/Liberty Movements.

    Most live quiet unobtrusive lives, abiding by the law until there is no law. (coming soon to a city near you). Those that are easily led or stupid end up as the low hanging fruit and are plucked up the APs,CIs and traps mentioned above.

    Some groups allow anyone to join with no background checks, others vet members rigorously. Some are made up primarily of ex-LEO and Mil. Others are mostly civilians or farmers/ranchers.

    Our unit here is about half ex-mil and half regular folks. I started recruiting neighbors and friends, then family. Then I branched out and passed out some cards at the gun range and gun shows. If you join a similar group and it feels off, if anyone acts shady, then by all means walk away. We are volunteers.

    Our original CO was an SF ODA vet of South America. You make due with what you have. Name calling and detractors aside, MOST militias I know are lead by and filled with ex-mil. Two of the units on the list are led by “Silent Professionals”, three are led by “Devil Dogs”, One new unit in KY is staffed by former “Screaming Eagles”. So believe what you want, join or start your own. Tribe is what will matter in the coming struggle and most Militias are simply pre-organized tribes.

    It took four years of meetings, face to face dinners, interviews and headaches to get to where we are now. (12 members and
    families). During that same time period about as many have joined and then left for a variety of reasons. (Work, Fear, Angry Wives etc)

    During that four years over half our Musters have focused solely on SUT and basic skills. Still I am no soldier, and I have no desire to go toe to toe with any regulars. However I would put my guys up against any trailer trash looters or urban gangbangers who wandered into our AO. (Appalachia) with a high degree of confidence.

    But, I have no illusions about our general fitness level or skill level. We are not professional soldiers.

    I just keep pushing on, even when it seems like the most thankless, worthless, unrewarding job on the planet. Add to that the constant threat of LEO violence against my home, legal attacks by the gov (IRS etc). And I am sure you can see that it is a pain in the ass to run a group. Everything I know came from our original CO, Manuals,
    and adapting common sense woodcraft skills with marksmanship.

    In spite of all that, I still do it. I serve for my kids and my community. I serve for the ideals that this country were founded on, but mostly I serve because no one else will do the job. If you start a group and invest the time, resources and mental energy in
    getting a unit functioning, there IS a peace of mind that comes from knowing you will not stand alone when the time comes.

    So if you fear the Feds will entrap you, or you don’t trust your unit members, or you have a history of legal problems, or any one of the thousand other reasons to stay home or go solo, then take the path that works best for you.
    For more info on Lawful Militias check the link in my sig for our units info blog. Take some time and look around. You may find we are not what you have been told.

  8. Right on Bro! Pretty much what it told her! Not as eloquently though! Thanks for your insights much appreciated!


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  10. About as simplified as it can get. TnThreeper

  11. So I will be the one to ask I guess... How does one join a militia. More importantly How does one join a militia that isnt run by nut jobs that are solely Antiestablishmentarianism in belief or white supremacist?

    1. i am a combat vet who went on my own accord to hang out as recruiter security. when i got there met a proffetional looking group of guys who didnt display any ill apearance. we share views and comunity concern. i recomend going to face book 3% and find your states reps.
      just ask or if you see t shirts ask them. they are non profit multi racial and not some fatigue wearing nuts.

  12. I wanted to thank you. I came across this by chance while researching something else. I have been confused for a long time because I love my country, but I don't like what is being done to it, or the people that are doing it. But I was raised to believe that country and government are one in the same. I felt trapped and didn't know how to feel or what to believe. Now I have a direction. Thank you again.

  13. How do I join the 3% north Carolina Smokey Mountain

  14. How do I join larry r

  15. It is far better to use a term other than Militia. This draws unwanted/unwarranted attention from the various alphabet groups of the federal government. Us e terms that no one can argue with like Civil Defense Group, with a mission statement of to secure our community during times of man made or natural disaster. Who can argue with that?

  16. I'd like to have an intelligent debate with someone on here. I agree with a lot of this, but I disagree with some things. If anyone would care to have a respectful discussion please let me know.

  17. Nice!! Explained very well. ARMORED CAVALRY here out of South Carolina

  18. Nice!! Explained very well. ARMORED CAVALRY here out of South Carolina




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