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- T. Jefferson
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hilliary and Obummer been busy!

I guess its a good thing that fuel tanker crashed into my apt burning all my firearms into twisted up melted lumps of metal. Because if I was a gun owner I would be pissed! For those who are angry because we don't support the current administration Excuse me but didn't these rotten #### um people declare an oath to the Constitution ????? Fucking Traitors!


Americans are supposed to be free! If any of you wish to support the Socialist regime Then by all means Support it! I cannot !!! I am American who believes in the LAND of the Free the Home of the Brave. This Fake ass political correctness ain't cutting it. I don't dislike Obama because he's half black I strongly dislike Obama because of his Socialist redistribution  policy's.

I seem to have lost a long time blog buddy today because He supports the President and I an others don't. I would not tell someone else how to think Please don't tell me how to think! If anyone else is bailing,See Ya! Good luck in your Socialist world with your Socialist President! My respect must be earned not given because of a Title. Most of the people who voted for the man no nothing about Govt-Politics-The Constitution of the USA-or Work. They want FREE shit That I am supposed to pay for FUCK THAT!!!

Funny how numerous Govt reports came out late uh Like After the Election? Most are not as Rosy as was predicted during election! I will not be told how I must act or think even by friends. Thats all I have to say on the subject. Good luck to all.



  1. Seems to be getting very tense out there. Lots of folks refusing to budge in their thinking and slamming anything that doesn't go along. I'm with you, don't tell me how to think, and I'll return the favor...




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