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- T. Jefferson
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Obama - Romney = Zombies

I got pulled over when I was 21 by a very cool Irish cop. He asked me a lot of questions including do I vote. I said no sir I have yet to see anyone I would vote for. To the anguish of my hardcore Republican buddy's I still don't. To me the lesser of two evils,still leaves evil...

Romnney hopefully will be better than Bama. MMMMHHHH Fuck all !!!

I just seen a lame ass list of the top 13 items for a Zombie apocalypse. Signal mirrors? Seriously? No fuck the dumbshit. Here is Chinas top 13 Zombie Apoc items.

.1  12 ga pump.

.2 Handgun of your choice with a lot of ammo

.3 Energy bars and water

.4 Ultra sharp ninja sword

.5 pair of Goloks

.6 back up handgun of same caliber

.7 Total body armor.Even improvised to keep biters from getting through to your flesh.

.8 Decent sniper rifle. Why get close unless there is no option!

.9 Trip wire alarms so you know the evil beast are coming. Advance notice is good!

.10 Black powder canons. Why not cut a swath through the main body,then mop up stragglers?

.11 Impovised claymores. See .10

.12  Improvised mines. Again see .10

.13 Small to med semi auto rifle with eotech or similar sights,with dozens of mags.

Always shoot for the head or lop off head. Do NOT get pinned in a corner, keep a way out.

If the Zombie says OBAMA bought me a phone Double Tap to the head!!! Oh shit I didn't just say that did I???

Zombies are usually dead and want to eat brains and or flesh. Perhaps some aren't dead and simply want you to work hard So they don't have to !!!

Obama - Romney- Zombies  be prepared for whatever comes.Pray for those in the storm damaged areas. Peace through superior firepower.



  1. What bothers me the most is how short and bad the memories of the general public are.

    I was a Reagan era young voter I voted that election that got that fake bastard in office. He was the one that ushered in Bush Daddy and the neocons, concentrated on useless issues popular with the zombie republican religionists and dug us into a deep hole. Machine gun ban, that was Reagan, giving money and weapons to what would be the band of ignorant goat fuckers under Osama B. Laden, that was Reagan.

    Bush daddy was a horrid CIA whore and we can thank him for more shit, more religious nut cases, and more debt. Remember why you no longer put money in the bank because of interest lower than the drop in monetary value.

    For fucks sake, I see serious adults sending photos of Bush the Retarded hugging soldiers and telling everyone "that is a true president" - holy shit, remember how he said he was no longer interested in finding Osama? PATRIOT Act (written by Clinton era neocons) and the endless list of stupidity...

    This country is going to get the president it deserves, because the willfully ignorant sheep watching CNN and Faux will vote in another figurehead puppet - pray for a crash.

  2. Sadly Bro most of us are! Like I said lesser of two evils still leaves evil.
    Take care Bro!





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