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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Treasure !

Reading a post by the same title at my Buddy Hermit Jims.


Got me to thinking.I am a treasure hunter of sorts. I have an (old now) whites 6000di pro metal detector that I use to go off on escapades. The two coolest Items I have found are a couple of old dimes. One an 1899 barber about 2-3 inches deep in soft loamy soil under a huge oak,that I found a lot of old paper case 12ga shells under.Squirrel hunting no doubt. The other an 1861 seated liberty. Now I am getting ahead of myself. Most of ya know I am a maintenance supr who goes on call a lot.Well it feels like being trapped,cause ya never know when a call might come in. So you never get to far from home.So I always keep my eyes peeled for places close to home to hit with my detector.

Well my apt faces an interstate.You know how often there is an area of scrub trees an brush between the interstate an a right of way before homes or apts? Well my little wooded area was at one time part of a rail spur.There is a concrete slab that at one time was part of a building maybe 12 x 30? That huge oak plus a couple of almost as huge then the usual 3rd or 4th growth plus bushes weeds etc.The area has 3 fenced lots I found an old pitcher pump. So it was a farm or cattle holding are for railway?

Anyway I hunted this area many times only found trash an several old copper penny's so corroded to be unreadable. But I knew Something had to be there.
On probably my 50th trip I found the Barber dime.Only 2-3 inches deep.Wow I thought Finally! So three trips later it was hot and I was tired I was giving up and heading home but swinging my detector on the way out,I got a strong dime hit.The meter said 1inch ? Great probably a penny. I took my foot an scrubbed all the leaves an branches out of the way an low an behold something glistened in the sun,real silver, I bent down an picked it up.Yep an 1861 Liberty seated dime.

I couldn't of been happier if I found the Lost Dutchman mine!!
Now they are both common dates worth a couple bucks each! So I haven't sold them when I have sold off my other junk coins because I wonder to this day how an 1861 was still laying on top of the ground?

Never give up!



  1. I've been thinking of getting a metal detector. Seems like it would be a lot of fun and maybe profitable at the same time!

    May try and win one at Quibids...who knows?

    Pretty good finds, if you ask me!

  2. Yep... lots of fun and profitable... Thanks for dropping in...





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