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- T. Jefferson
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Monday, January 2, 2012

Be prepared! New Strange year is coing!

I strongly recommend all bloggers readers of blogs Activist folks who written their Congress or Senate critters.Those of you who are on record as buying a lot of food,ammo,outdoor supplies. Get ready.Harden your homes! If you have not already done so range your property.Fill out range cards,practice at ranges in your A.O.Plan at least 3 escape routes 3 is 2 2 is 1 1 is none. As much as we would like to think we can fight off a squad of swat or storm troopers its most likely suicide!

We will not start this war we didn't Crooked Politicians would be dictators have started it. IF you absolutely must fight ,Fight to win! use any means available. Improvised weapons have worked for years they still work! Study them now! I am not a badass I am not ex military but I am not ready to surrender either.If you have groups band together. If like me you are more or less on your own again improvise and put distance between yo and the enemy.Study viet cong improvised weapons,pick Army an Marine field manuals.

Forget the bullshit any gun is better than none if you have none pick up cheap ruger,marlin,savage,springfield etc .22 a couple bricks of ammo 1 high velocity (stingers) etc 1 subsonic

If you can afford a long range rifle do it,and get to practicing.Stuck in the city .12 ga pump or auto with mixture of slugs and #4 thru oo or ooo aught will do well. Get something. Gas,propane,diesel or fuel oil can all come in handy.Again I am no badass but I am not going to gitmo for free speech.

Go read older artices of my American minuteman 3%4 freedom an R3v an others gave good advice Other blogs and manuals can help.Get in shape best you can.Most of us will be surpised at how pathetic we are at running,carrying a heavy pack etc. The time draws near.Evil is attempting to spread its wings over us. Burn shoot cut them fucking wings off.

This is OUR COUNTRY its Time to remind them Sumbitches who works for who!

I hope none of this comes to pass However you have car ins even though you probably will never use it Well same thing here, Don't be a victim!

Be Prepared!


  1. ...found myself surfing the archives too brother,lots of good folks to be thought of,and good advice to be reread/remembered...time to fish,or cut bait...




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