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- T. Jefferson
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Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolutions for the coming year!

I don't usually make resolutions. However this year I will make a few. I resolve to help as many people as possible see what is going on in the U.S. govt.

I resolve to spend a little more time with my family.

I resolve to fight tyranny on all levels.

I resolve to get myself in a little better shape,One son is bringing weight bench and weights back,the other son dropped me off a nice used mountain bike.For which I just tonight picked up an ol man seat padded springer. And rack in case of last ditch bug out vehicle.

I resolve to put myself further on Domestic terrorist list by raising hell with my Congressman and Senator for these Traitorous bills being passed.

I resolve to get my last few remaining debts paid off So that I may finally get the hell out of here.

I resolve at some point and time to meet up at one of these rallys to meet cyber comrades Some how Some way.

I resolve to Not let my Grandkids grow up in a Socialist Police State Amerika.
I resolve to learn how to repair these damn computers.I hate being at the mercy of any one.

I resolve to learn all I can on knife making this is a life long resolution not a yearly one.

I resolve to cut the price of my smoking habit... yes I know I should stop but not ready,so I will make it a cheaper habit.

I resolve to get in more shooting practice. Untill I can tap a blue helmet from a long way off. I am quite deadly at close range with Ruger already 9mm or not.

Damn been off work since thurs eve I better resolve to get some shut eye.

I resolve WE make 2012 the year of the Patriot and that we make America the Constitutional Republic the Founders intended it to be! Was it Perfect no.Was
it the best form of Govt the world had ever seen? YES!

I now find myself broke due to birthdays holidays etc Yet some how I resolve to help the boys of Patcom,T.L.Davis and Ron Paul all meet their goals!

Ladies and Gentleman we are down,but No where near out Hell we are just getting our second wind. Turn your anger,your frustration,your disgust into energy.One at a time we are nothing,Together we are the Greatest most innovative Country in the World!

May God Bless us each and Everyone! Hang Tough PatriotS


Ps I still cannot answer comment,I am not ignoring any of you!


  1. I resolve to help the boys of Patcom,T.L.Davis and Ron Paul all meet their goals!

    Yes, Sir!

  2. They all sound like good ones to me!

    Hang in there, buddy!




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