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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Finally resistance in America!

If you are a Patriot and or believe in the 2nd Amendment Mac Slavo has a heartwarming article that gives one a little faith! I mean personally I am pretty bummed Mayberry with help from several of us Couldn't get a lousy 25,000 signatures to make our socalled President address unconstitutional gun laws!  Seriously 25,000 ? Nope HUGE fail!!! Americans can't seem to come together and get shit done. Oh there's a lot of chest thumping and shit like this is my line in the sand. Bullshit they crossed your line in 94. We didn't do shit then.

Trust me if you've read any of it as much as I despise that Traitorous commie whore. She has her shit together eliminating all the ways we got around the other ban. A lot of em are bullshit  tec 9 etc who gives a shit mac 10's uzi's unless they are full auto to me worthless. But DPMS,Bushmaster,Colt,numerous,hell every topend brand, every fair to middlin brand. Every AR and Ak etc Banned. People the Apathy must end here and now if you want to be able to shoot whatever you would like!!!

Before he died my Grand pa H.D. said hell you could go in the local hardware store and pick up a singleshot .22 or a full auto Thompson. Well we budged a little there,now that Thompson is very expensive,you fill out a Lot of paper work the FEDS check ya out you pay for your $200 Federal stamp and you get a Thompson. I wonder how many LEGAL full auto or select fire weapons have been used in crimes by their owners? Not stolen and used by bangers but by the real owner? I bet none!

Anyway back on track. New Yorkers are resisting all the bullshit bans and laws. Organized resistance,people they can only win if WE let them.Read it here:


Civil disobedience!!! Civilians disobeying their Kings and Queens. Get down N.Y. Stick together and pardon the pun Stick to your guns! God Bless you all!


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