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- T. Jefferson
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Computer goes dark in 20 minutes!

You know ya want to go! There are gonna be some fine people there. You know you are tired of arguing with idiots who don't get it! Come out and hang some Brothers and Sisters that do get it! 20 mins left then I shut this bitch down and you will have to wait till this fall!!

Oh and for any devious motherfuckers thinking bad things,one of my boys is staying at my crib till I get back. The kid is very good with his AR and flat deadly with his XD-m. Don't try it!

Don't think about it,don't talk about it,fucking Do it.Probably less that a tank of gas for you.Someone else ain't gonna do it for you.Quite hiding in the shadows make your Vote known.Liberty and Freedom. We won't be scared off,we won't back down! I am done talking I am going to load out and go meet some of my kind of people! All you Patriots/Preppers have a great weekend.

Just remember Evil never takes a break!

Wolverines !!!


1 comment:

  1. I now y'all will have a fine weekend! See ya on the flip side. Can't wait for the breakdown...




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