“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous 2 our liberties than standing armies. If the American ppl ever allow private banks 2 control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks & corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the ppl of all property till their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should b taken from the banks & restored 2 the ppl, 2 whom it prprly belongs."
- T. Jefferson
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Sic Vis Pacem Para bellum

Friday, December 31, 2010


All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

People Thomas Jefferson said that a long long time ago when his people was threatened by Tyranny.

Well its a couple hundred plus years later,Tyranny has gained a foothold,hell its about to leap over the tower walls!

I know you are people of good conscience,are you silent?

Be Prepared!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Survival in the age of the Police state.

Survival is getting harder. I know a lot of folks are not getting involved in politics or anything thinking they will just lay low and emerge after it happens. Whatever it may be! I just wonder if those who are prepping and laying low are as secure as they think? Now that the food safety act was sneaked through against WE the PEOPLES wishes and it appears our food safety is in the hands of the W.H.O. ...


And I think it is this spring or summer we should know what is up with Hilliary and the U.N.! How safe are you? Oh yeah ok well with the advent of Fusion centers,DHS, Militarization of local police,rat out your neighbor programs,etc How safe are you? Well if famine hits as some are predicting bad weather has destroyed a Lot of crops, or even if W.H.O and DHS/Fema decides all existing food,stores,farms,citizen needs rounded up and distributed by the authorities then How safe are you? Ok so you will fight to the Death if they come to your home/retreat.Well lets see we have a couple bad ass patriots or preppers up against federals. So Rambo you and the family really gonna hold off troops it may not be US Marines (yet) but DHS or FDA whoever they send will be troops.

I have heard so many people say they will fight at that point! WHY let it get to that point??? I really wonder with all the Satellites,phone,computer,monitoring are you really under the radar?

I think it was Ben Franklin who said if we don't hang together we shall surely all hang separately!

Just look at the things they have done in the last couple years. Straight out Blowed our Tax dollars to help out there Bankster buddies against our wishes, Kept us in a fake ass WAR on Terror so their Military factory owning buddies profit, came up with Homeland Security which is already out of control even though most Americans don't want airport security as it is Janet the ruler of all she surveys says Tough its here to stay!

OBAMA and Skeletor both LAUGHED at the Constitution LAUGHED at the same Document they swore to uphold!! They gave us OBAMA CARE which most working AMERICANS don't want! They keep doing things we don't want, and we keep allowing.

I understand people are scared of DHS etc. With just a few of us fighting back we should be scared! But if we all fight back NO Worries, they WILL NOT head on ATTACK the Entire U.S. population. They are taking us down one bill, one tax at a time, WE ALLOW WHY??

If we DON"T STOP them soon HOW SAFE will you be??? Apathy is the true AMERICAN ENEMY!!!!

Be Prepared!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sixbears has the answer.

Sixbears has the one strategy you need to survive!


Be Prepared!


Monday, December 27, 2010

Doing us Argentina style?

Most of ya know I have read Ferfals Surviving in Argentina for a long while. And many of the things they went through we are starting to go through. With one exception the Freedom thing! Cussing,cover your eyes or skip this part! We are not fucking Argentina People this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. THE LAND OF THE FREE. THE HOME OF THE BRAVE. WHAT THE FUCK has HAPPENED TO US???

They steal our money,WE do dick! They BAIL out their BANKER buddys what do we do? DICK! They steal our rights under the guise of protecting us from terrorism. I see Americans on the News saying well IF it keeps US safe..

WHEN do WE DO SOMETHING??? Voting ain't gonna do! SORRY To all my REPUBLICAN buddys THE PUBS have just as big a Hand in this as the DEMS. TWO heads same body!!!

IF you are waiting on someone to do something... WELL GUESS what? ITS up to you and me! So we are going out Argentina style except with heaping dose of KGB,STASI,GESTAPO??

Sorry folks I try to keep this strictly Survival but I think this does pertain to survival!

When I see all the things in the news they are doing and I hear AMERICANS say they are to AFRAID to say or DO anything MY blood boils WE ARE FUCKING AMERICANS. We bow down to none WE have defeated TYRANNY before are we NOW to FAT, tired, Lazy, to full of Apathy to DO SOMETHING?

We don't even have the balls to make the man who is our President show his birth certificate, WHY what is politically correct about that? We question his birth place. Is that wrong or crazy? WHY? I feel as a citizen the man who would be President of MY Country would be proud to show me his Birth Certificate and dispel my fears!!!

WE are in grave danger make no doubt about it. Americans are turning in to pussies. The Constitution is laughed at by Politicians i.e Nancy Pelosi, Barrack Obama.

I will keep asking right up till 1-21-11 Support the siege of Washington. We will not be ARGENTINED. MY new word for screwed. They are taking down our economy,they are taking our rights. I am a CITIZEN not a SERF. JOIN your fellow AMERICANS stop this craziness now while it can be stopped!

Be Prepared!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to all!

I have many Asian residents here in my Apts I work at. I am not sure of all the nationalities or religions. But as a whole they are very respectful of my Holiday and traditions. They ohh and awh at our big ol beautiful tree. They dropped off cards and gifts. Several middle eastern residents did as well. Mans thats beautiful, Thats how America is supposed to work! I can have my Holiday,you can have yours,we can all respect and appreciate each others customs and traditions! Not this file a lawsuit to take away your holiday tradition stuff! I am offended by your tree so take it down! Man I don't understand that mindset. But for a brief minute I saw the good caring side of people.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL OF YOU! I hope you have a wonderful NEW YEAR!

Be Prepared!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Check this!



Sorry folks out of time must get to the salt mines but if you would check one o these links.

If you can help these Brothers FIGHT!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Its Too late forget the Boycott!

It seems all the Mart type stores and Big MALLS will be working with BIG SIS.Wow it will be like on Demolition man! You will go to a museum to see guns and what it was like when people were free. I would rather live in the sewers and tunnels eating rats!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

China wants a favor.

Those of you who don't frequent my other blog Enemy of the State I would ask that you go there and watch the video I have posted. It was up on Celentes fan blog. If you already seen ok.If not please watch it.It explains how we are being duped by the IRS,FED,income taxes on wages,etc. It also shows Ron Paul is one of the truest members of GOVT. If you would please watch and share it!


Be Prepared!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

This the kind of redistribution I like!

Picked up a really bad story from Rourke at Modern Survival on line.


This young couple is in bad shape due to motorcycle accident. This is the way America should work if you would like to help them out and are financially able to help them out then please do help them out! If not if you're the praying type maybe say a prayer for em! Hell of way to start out their new life together huh?

Their story here..



Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bugging out again.

I seen a bug out list the other day that was just incredible. The lady pretty much had everything in the kitchen,bathroom,and garage on the list plus a mile long list of items to go with it. I guess if you were bugging out in a 45 ft tractor trailer it would be a good list! If some one says bug out I think pack. I know a car or truck are in a lot of plans. Depending on reason for bug out that could be good idea. Also depending on reason a terrible idea! If its an imminent disaster and there's time vehicle could be good,unless every other person in your area has same plan!

Putting even a tad of her list in a bug out bag you wouldn't be able to lift it. I think my pack is at or close to 50 lbs. Don't sound like a lot until you figure a bag of ready mix concrete weighs 50 lbs throw that on your back and try to run and evade,not to mention vest on under it full of rifle mags and misc. A gun in your hand and one on your hip and man o man you are loaded down!

A young soldier would have no problem with it, but we aren't young soldiers!

And not to disparage the lady it was a fine list for shelter or home prep kit. But just not a bug out list.

So that has me going over what I really need to haul butt away from trouble or towards it if I'm feeling froggy.

Always shelter,fire, food,water. With the essentials covered a lot of other things can be improvised! A good first aid kit,weapon, cleaning kit, of course are mandatory!

Oh boy list growing again. I have a small tent on my pack,could probably get by with small tarp or piece of plastic.

Bugging out it seems is a never ending puzzle. Will it be for a short while or is whats on my back gonna be it for a long time? That question changes everything!

Well just food for thought!

Be Prepared!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Walmart poll.

Please answer poll on right.



Boycott Walmart!

Any of you folks who are tired of being pushed around, now is your chance to fight back. Since Walmart has decided to join Homeland security in their rat out your neighbor program several of us have decided to Boycott Walmart and SAMS club both Walton businesses.I know it will be a bit of a pain to hit several stores but it can be done. I mean come on they are invading your personal space now! Whats next cameras in your home to keep you safe. I can go on and on here but hopefully you already understand as they say if I have to spell it out you probably don't get it anyway,Enjoy your space at Camp FEMA!!

Walmart Home Office
702 sw 8th st.
Bentonville, Arkansas

Let em know why you will be taking your dollars elsewhere until this program has ended!
It is time to stand up! Giving up your Freedom is EASY,fighting for it will require a little effort! Injustice only requires that good people do nothing!

Thanks to Mama Bear for Address!

BE prepared!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boycott or overload? What do you want to do about Walmart?

Everyone has heard Walmart is teaming up with DHS in their Rat out your neighbor program.

I think two easy options are .1 We all boycott Walmart and call in to tell them why!

or .2 We all continue to go to Walmart and overload the system every time you go we call in and report the strange people we see.Being as to how it is Walmart you would see many suspicious people including employees report them all!

Cast your vote. This is one we can do!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Cold Painful lesson!

I have today and tomorrow off from work.So I had scheduled my quarterly test with doctor for diabetes and thyroid.My diabetes is under control with diet and exercise.Last quarter my doc lowered my thyroid meds.I was at 209 lbs on day he lowered it two weeks later 246 so yeah I was P.Oed but it is hard to get away from work so I was looking forward to going and lucky to get in on day I was off Heck I thought it was a miracle.Ok now for the lesson learned.

Now with me running a survival blog and preaching be prepared to any who will listen you might think I would be prepared right? Well appointment was at 8:00 on far side of town,so I headed out at 6:30.Stop to grab smokes and let car warm up. 7 degrees this morning and my blazer takes a bit to warm up, well being in a hurry I left my EDC bag on the couch.Mistake #1. I left station jumped on interstate and felt defroster still cool, hum,normally warming up at this point! Uh oh temp gauge rising, this thing runs cool,never over heats and I know my anti freeze is good. So I take next ramp off about three neighborhoods away.Motor getting really hot,shy of danger zone but getting there.Well I don't know this area very well usually take main road up.Well thinking smaller road parallels main road I take it Mistake #2 it runs into a neighborhood I've never been in take another turn oh crap unmarked cull de sac. Motor dangerously hot.Damn shut car off to cool.

Did I say it was 7 freakin degrees? My EDC bag has space blankets,candels,energy food.Being as you must take test on empty stomach I was cooling off quick.I did have my lined jeans and thick heavy socks, my boss had included a pair of gloves and mitten combo in our X-mas gift bag luckily had them with me more on them later.Then I remembered my little buddy baby ninja had gave me hand warmers last year which I put in glove box. Ok thats cool. Mistake #3. I guess after a year in glove box handwarmers go bad.Sucks! Well I had thrown a heavy coat in back seat the day before.Used it as a blanket. Feet got very cold. Tennis shoes suck for cold weather even with good socks.Plus being a heavy smoker does nothing for circulation I am sure!

I was wearing a tea shirt and medium weight hoody.

After an hour and 15 mins it finally cooled down enough to get home.Now I could of knocked on doors to see if someone would of let me in to warm up,but yuppies up here are very suspicious and not very charitable.Plus if I was a lone female or yuppie dude I would be a little fearful of letting a dude like me in.Well I knew I would be ok in a bit so I sucked it up and waited.

Mistake #3 I did not even get the name of street I was on in case I had to call for help!

If I had been in secluded area with no people around this could of been bad.Luckily car started,no hoses burst etc.

I guess main lesson here is be prepared,murphy won't wait for you to get prepared he will pop up when you least expect it.Routine trip to doctors office car that never has trouble, Who woulda thought?

I make sure all my female friends have covers ectc in their vehicles. I call and warn em on really bad days.So I can tell you I will have cold weather kit in my car before the day is over and I will be taking my EDC bag even if I am just going to gas station!

Be Prepared!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trapping vs Hunting?

A lot of people think they are gonna take to the woods and suddenly be great hunters.I don't want to bust anybody's bubble but if you don't hunt now and haven't already spent time scouting your hunting grounds then this is a really crappy plan to feed your family.Most hunters I know spend a lot of time looking for sign,food sources,trails,etc.

If you suddenly take off to woods you don't know it will take a while to get familiarized. So unless you are just lucky,not a great way to feed yourself.Squirrel hunters know what nut trees look like,do you?

Someone who hunts now will have better odds than someone who doesn't!

But even at that hunting is not the best way to feed yourself or family.You can only be in one spot at a time! Trapping,now you can be in many spots all at the same time. Snares, box traps,conibears,etc.

Fishing with a pole same thing,one fish at time. Trot lines,limb lines,set lines.Now you can cover a lot more water.

Hunting for me,will be an opportunistic thing.See a squirrel or rabbit, sure pop it.But you can spend a lot of calories chasing game.

Some folks think they have to go to the country to hunt wild game. Not true. I live in I guess you would say suburbs by a busy interstate with streets all around. But every so often is a small patch of woods,several lakes or ponds,a couple of small creeks. There are deer,squirrels,rabbits,fox,coyotes,all kinds of birds,muskrats- nutria. I rarely see coons or possum don't know why they are usually common.

Keep an eye out for game and I bet you city dwellers will be surprised at at all the animals in your area.Hell we used to see more squirrels in the city than in the national forest we used to hunt!




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