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- T. Jefferson
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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The End of Liberty

Latest NIA video here please watch!

Be Prepared!


Fire and inflation/defaltion

Two of the most popular post on survival/prepper sites is how to make fire and the coming inflation/deflation argument.

First fire. Some of the most common ones you see are steel wool and a battery,fire bow,flint and steel,pop can and chocolate,fire bow one can cover all the stick and friction methods,mag and ferro rod,and firesteel.I suppose one should learn the friction ways,in case you have nothing.But get bic or similar lighters get a lot of lighters.Put one in your pocket,one in your fire kit,one in each part of your pack and other equipment.If you are near froze trying to make any of the friction methods or scrapping enough mag off and in the right spot will be difficult your fingers will be numb you are shaking not thinking clearly.Flick a bic!

Some of this is pretty ridiculous ok they will work but do you wanna be froze and trying to rub chocolate bar on pop can trying to aim sunlight what if there is no sunlight well that takes out magnifying glass,ice lens,etc.

Now again I am not saying don't learn these ways or not to have magnifying glass in fire kit.The more options the better.But a bic or similar lighter is cheap and works damn near fool proof.
If you learn the other ways ,cool it will help stretch out life of your lighters.But for Gods sake if you are counting on the other methods practice a lot because everthing is harder to do when you are frozen.

Inflation/deflation in a way does it matter? Us working class soon to be poor or poorer will have it tough either way.Since you know either way its gonna be rough,stock up on food.Every dollar spent now my save many more in the days coming.And if Obama or the next Savior of the US really can pull it out,then hell you will be way ahead of the game.

Be Prepared!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Guns again!

I see several post up on guns at various sites. Survival gun. What does that mean to you? If you are planning on being Rambo you know a soldier of one,you will need firepower power! Survival gun to me means a gun to help me survive,mainly shooting squirrels rabbits other small game perhaps a deer once in a while and possibly wild dogs,if my luck doesn't hold, defense against two legged feral animals.

If you don't have to bug out don't you probably have many options in the closet or gun case.Taking a pistol on your hip and a slung rifle or shot gun and possibly small light rifle in or on pack is a full load!

All of life is a compromise,gun selection is no different,no one myself or anyone else should choose for you try several,know the game in your area. M1a would not be your best choice for squirrels or rabbits,like wise 10-22 in bear country would not be best choice.

Scott at Bug Out Survival has a couple of good post on pack guns.


Guns sharing same caliber is an intriguing idea.357 is common caliber and an effective one too small and medium game can be taken with this one. Perhaps Ruger GP 100 and KelTec Sub 2000 in 9mm or Glock pistol and Keltec sub in .40 cal?

Guns are kinda like knives you really need a small,medium,and large yet if you had to evac in a hurry you can't take it all.

As in most cases experience can often make all the difference.I've known a couple of guys who have taken deer with .22lr does this mean we should all use our 10-22's as deer guns?Of course not!

One gun I would consider is Ruger single six they come with 2 cylinders one in .22 lr one one in.22 magnum. Giving you 2 guns for the price of one.I don't know if Ruger recommends it but you can shoot shorts and longs out of lr cyl ,shorts at close range will dispatch trapped animals or close range hunting and are extremely quiet for those trying to remain stealthy.

Of course now days shorts aren't cheaper than lr but there is a place for quiet little cb shorts.I also purchase .22lr in sub sonic for same reasons.We Americans like magnums and speed.But in some situations you need quiet too!

So choose well friends our lifes may depend on our choices.

If you have family or friends to bug out with of course that is a whole nother post!

That would be best situation two people carry various hunting arms,two or three carrying assault type or battle rifles,problem solved.

Be Prepared!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Need help gettin people on board?

If you don't read American Preppers Network this would be a great time to check them out.There is an excellent post on the US Govt prepping for a major event of some sort!Perma link here to that post.


Regular link to site.


I personally sometimes come on to strong with the doom and gloom even if it is only because I care.But probably to much for some I guess.Well this post shows that the US Govt is prepping why aren't you in a calm rational way.

You might try one more time on those you care about who don't get it yet!

At least if the SHTF we can say I tried warning ya! No one I care about will be able to say I didn't know it was coming.

Be Prepared!


Monday, October 25, 2010


If you don't have comms as pointed out by many you could be in big trouble.Pete had a post the other day at Patriots against the NWO.


Well I must admit it is my weakest link.With family spread out all over the city,no comms is a bad situation!

Hand radios for those in close range would be good.CB or side band for longer distances.Ham radio for long range.

If you haven't noticed yet Scott over at Prepology has a contest going where you might win a CB radio, now that friends is very cost effective like free!Check him out here.


Not to mention,unless you are the PC type he has a couple of funny's up right now!

Now this is not meant to be a how to on radio's or communication merely a reminder in a crisis phones be they cell or land lines will probably not work!

Comms doesn't have to be radios there were various ways that are mostly lost now morse code, flags, the indians of course had smoke signals.

Chalk or paint in your bob would allow you to leave directions or perhaps symbols that only your family or group would understand.

Sorry RW but I gotta do it. Got Comms?

Be Prepared!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

What if?

A lot of times when I or others post something on surviving an apocalypse type of event or for some who want to be taken seriously they say of course this will never happen or its not probable etc.

What if it does happen and by the grace of God you survive it? Far fetched? Super virus,nuke attack by China or Russia if we pick the wrong side to back in the up coming war,Iran decides to flex their new nuke muscles,Terrorist group set off our own nukes,Asteroid takes out part of the world but not yours,Solar flare emp takes us back to early 1800's for a part of a life time.

Because an event hasn't happened yet do you really think it couldn't?I think that is wishful thinking.

If our economy truly collapsed and you couldn't afford fuel or utility's or even get the stuff you need even if you have silver or gold well it would seem like the apocalypse is here!

I would hope life goes on just great,a new election brings real change the economy is fixed,jobs are plentiful,the constitution is revered,etc etc.

But there is always the chance your rainbow is obscured by nuclear fallout,your unicorn just got shot up by the UN rolling in to maintain stability,and santa just got obliterated by and asteroid.

What if ? Just an exercise no unicorns were injured in the making of this post!

Be Prepared!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where to put your survival dollars?

Many say buy silver and or gold. If the dollar becomes worthless your silver and gold will help retain some monetary value.

The other school says items to barter will be invaluable.

I think it depends on what you see coming. If its simply a short turn dollar collapse silver and gold would be great.

If its a long term calamity silver and gold could be near worthless. If there was no way to cash out or trade precious metals what would it be worth?

If I had a couple cans of beef stew and say your family was hungry well maybe you had a good skinning knife but your neighbor was hungry too and had a handful of silver dimes.Who do you reckon would get my beef stew?

Now before any kind of calamity would be a good time to think on the future.

Food and ways to get more will always be worth something!

If you have plenty of money sure hedge your bets get all three. If not food,water, other supplies to help insure your survival would be first choice. If you have no money? Knowledge is often free for the asking or studying!

Be Prepared!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Whats coming?

Whats coming for America? I wish I knew! Dems,Repubs, Tea party, the dice has already been thrown.Regardless of who wins,we the people will face a tough time.Those that are working are lucky.For many the Shit has hit the fan! No matter who wins the elections it will take a long time to straighten things out here in the U.S. Jobs will not be created over night,our economy will not be repaired over night Hell it may never get back to what most of us are use to.

Things often get worse before they get better!

Prepping is a way to feel better about the future.At least for me it is.Food put away,seeds stored,guns and ammo ready to go,water and water filters ready should they be needed.

I am not truly ready for a major problem,but I am more prepared than I was a year ago.

For me prepping helps take the fear out of the unknown troubles ahead.

Be Prepared.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Computer has been down,

Hopefully I am back up!




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