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- T. Jefferson
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Hey Oprah

So Americans are all Racist huh? We couldn't possibly hate Obama because he sucks as a President? Free Country being Forced to get ins. Bush sucked,we hated him Gee was it cause he was white?

Why don't you keep your fat ass on the couch discussing books or whatever it is you do,leave the Race card in the deck!



  1. Yep,I see her Hero gave her a medal.

  2. *Insert sound of tape whirring*

    Hello Mr Snowden. If you are receiving this message you are about to embark on a mission that will change not only you're life but the course of America and the world.

    You're mission should you choose to accept it is to intercept communist agents gaining illegal entry into the United States thru various checkpoints at the Mexico Border shipping illegal narcotics and weapons to bribe higher officials into power in various government positions.

    This is a very dangerous task to take as our own people are also being used and we at the Impossible Mission Agency no longer trust each other as we used to.

    We believe thru intelligence resources that these agents work for a society they call the Fabien Society who's goal is a slow destruction of the American Constitution thru non violent means and the eventual destruction of freedom world wide if they are allowed to succeed.

    Many of our own agents have been caught never to be seen again trying to intercept these spies

    This is where you come in Edward. You are asked to disguise yourself as one of them trying to sneak into the United States to overthrow our government using non violent methods.

    You are to conduct surveillance on these suspect agents and track them to their hideouts where it's believed they have secured money and weapons as well as support.

    Their hideout from our reports suggest they are well armed and have hidden bobby traps designed to stop the FBI with us particularly in mind. Learn the ends.

    You in this case are an expert in explosives and lock picking and can get into hard to reach areas.

    Do NOT I repeat do NOT use lethal force on these agents unless you're life is in immediate danger as some of these suspect agents may be ours also going undercover.

    If you feel you are in the position to make an arrest do not attempt it alone and call the nearest police station to cover you. Tell them who sent you. You will know when the time is right.

    If you are caught or killed we will disavow any knowledge of you're actions.

    This tape will dissolve in 10 seconds. Good luck.

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