“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous 2 our liberties than standing armies. If the American ppl ever allow private banks 2 control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks & corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the ppl of all property till their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should b taken from the banks & restored 2 the ppl, 2 whom it prprly belongs."
- T. Jefferson
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Monday, December 31, 2012

Commie Traitor should be impeached if not hung for Treason!



Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas and once again!

Once again I was gonna stop by and say Merry Christmas to each and everyone of ya. I hit some of ya But I just got too many friends out there to stop by all of ya's!!!

So from China

Merry Christmas to all you crazy right wing prepping survivalist Constitution loving people out there! May God Bless you All and keep you safe. 


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Insurance policy from Dio.

Very good read! If this doesn't make ya do something,well ya probably in need of an undertaker!


And some Really good stuff from Catman TOO!!!



Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cheaper than dirt,and Dicks Can kiss my ass!

The shootings are indeed Terrible sad things! I have six Grand kids so this fear is with me as well! However these Talking head Bimbo's who know nothing about guns saying these children were mowed down with Assault weapons are Fucking idiots! The Average AR and Ak sold are semi auto civilian versions,yes they look like the real thing. But they are not full auto or select fire.

I really don't think the talking heads give a diddily shit about the dead children! Let a better story pop up tomorrow there will be nary another word spoken about the Children.

2 days ago I read an article forgive me I can't remember if it was China or Japan but another madman killed 22 students,did he use the dreaded Ar assault rifle ?? Perhaps the infamous AK-47? nope a knife.A fucking knife,one armed person could have stopped these slayings!

The Liberal media is all over this,Oh ban the evil black ASSAULT weapons and our children will be safe again! Bullshit, safe until a madman with a ballpeen hammer,or ballbat,or car or an ice pick. or etc etc etc attacks again.

Sadly I recently placed an order with Cheaper than dirt for 4 pmags for a family member,now if I knew they were going to pussy out on the 2nd Amendment this order would not of been placed,sadly its to late to cancel ,already shipped.

CTD, Dicks sporting goods and any other knee jerk make the lefty's feel good stores Will not get a single dollar of my business!!!! I don't care if they give ammo away FUCK them.

Perhaps the Federal Govt should of thought of this When they closed most mental health institutions and sent mentally ill people out in the streets with no support.No meds No help.No where to turn!

I am not done but I have been up since 2 last night I need sleep! Was sad and terrible? Yes very much so !!! Will banning guns solve it? Of course not! Idiots!! More later. Prayers going out to those who lost children!


Friday, December 14, 2012

Standinding up for friends and choosing sides.

1 maybe 2 people out there are slamming my friend Dio. Yet they give no evidence as to his crimes or mis doings. Dio is a friend I have seen nothing but good deeds and good will from this man. He would rather let sleeping dogs lye.

 I hope he doesn't get pissed at me for what I am posting. He doesn't like Drama Hell I don't like Drama however if I can't come to the aid of a friend that I have seen nothing but good from then I am not much of a friend!

 I have many friends in the Patriot/Prepper community. Yet I have seen few put in the time and effort that Dio has!!!! I value your friendship folks lets please stop the infighting and fight those who are truly against us.

We need to gain new members all this bullshit infighting is not gaining us members. Dio,Brock ,Blue,Mayberry,Sunfighter,the Ghost,Snake,K-9,Zoomie,Sam,T.L.,Toaster802,Miss Violet,Sci Fi chick,Pete,Rocky moutain prepepper,Catman,Hermit Jim,Walter Grigg,Rusty, Pickdog,and many more too numerous to name you all in person,yet I would take a bullet for most of you.

 I don't mean that lightly, because as I said I am no badass no military training just a love for my country as it should be ( once was) I am a loner because i trust very few people in this world.I know many love or hate Mike at Sippsey st, Ex commie or not you must admit he has brung many to the Patriot movement. A.P. is apparently on many's shit list I don't know enough about the man either way to comment. I have read a few good post there,I must of missed the ones on Hitler and the white Supremist ? This is America I don't have to like what each an every person says. It is (was) a free country you can have your beliefs and I can have mine. Unless your beliefs want to disarm,or tax me unjustly or imprison me unjustly. I am not privy to all the secrets going on out there but I will fight for right badass or not!

Folks if you want the Patriot movement to gain steam stop the petty bullshit,pull together. Lets get a unified front and take our Country back!! Even the Founding Fathers disagreed on much and bickered and fought,yet in the end they got it together!

So are we gonna fight each other? Or fight the Enemy ? Your choice!

P.S Dio did not ask me to speak for him in fact would probably rather I didn't. Forgive me Bro! But I am sick of this shit....


Friday, December 7, 2012

Good info on Alice packs.

Scout has a great post on Alice packs. And one in particular I think everyone should consider,the INCH pack. Every has a bugout,good,ghb. But what if you are never going home?



Sunday, December 2, 2012

The real Assault weapon. Yes it should be banned!!!

The real assault  weapon being used against the American public Is a large group of Traitors in the U.S. Govt. who violate the U.S. Constitution on a daily basis. America was born a Republic. Not a Democracy as so many erroneously believe. A nation of laws. Not the will of many. The will of many will always take yours!!! You worked hard for it. Yet they want it,now mind you,they don't want to work for it,no, much easier to take yours!!!so you must give it up! Democraszy....


From Merriam-Webster

Transitive verb
 Definition of redistribute
1 To alter the the distribution of : Reallocate.
 2 To spread to other areas.

China's Definition : To take from those who work and/or produce to give to those who don't work/produce.

That is an Assault weapon commonly used by Communist/Socialist. It should be banned!!!!!!! It is Harmful to adults and the CHILDREN.

So what have we learned? Redistribution is an Assault weapon used by criminals against U.S. citizens. Criminals who pretend to work for the U.S. citizens. It takes from productive people to give to unproductive people. It is a crime perpetrated by Criminals. It hurts the CHILDREN. It should be banned !!!

Lesson 1 on Assault weapons.To be continued....





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