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- T. Jefferson
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time to prepare Freedom gardens.

It's time or almost time to start prepping freedom gardens.Fresh wholesome food with no geneticly modified seeds.Something about digging and working the earth calms nerves and soothes my soul.

Where I currently live no garden plot but I do put out my bucket garden on the patio.As long as I can keep my Nemisis the chipmunk away I'm good,seems he loves tomatoes too.I will be trying my granddads pepper on the ground around bucket Idea.

Even the local homedepot has none gmo seeds,here.I sold my house to my son I may see if I can still put in garden as long as He doesn't have to work it probably ok.

Gardening,stress relief,food source,good way to show Govt you don't need a nanny,exercise.Whats not to like?


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Any of you ya who read my blogs I would ask you to go to Western Rifle Shooters blog read a serious warning to Nancy Pepolsi and a leave a comment.As I have stated before I know some of us are monitored so lets let the PTB hear our Voices.I left comments on people who I know are vocal,and I apologize ahead of time if anyone feels I hijacked their blogs just trying to get the word out.Thanks to all!!!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Same old thing?

Some point out many of us post the same old stuff over and over.All blogs are not meant for all preppers many of us are trying to help those new to preparedness/survival.Some of you hardcore people who have been at it a while should start blogs aimed at seasoned preppers.We can all use good ideas.Even on posts I have seen over and over scanning the comments I can almost always pick up something usefull.Instead of scanning and thinking ahhh same old crap,why don't You comment so a new prepper will gain some knowledge?Some others may not like but if you have a thought or idea to share no matter how off topic go for it here,I dont care just trying to help newbies which we all were at one time.

Prepp on.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Army + Marine fieldmanuals.

I try to leave the political rants and hardcore doom to my other two sites,but even on polls here many believe martial law types of events are possible if not probable.For any who have not checked em out before, I would reccomend SERE training,scouting and patroling,survival,and medical manuals.Some can be found at western rifle shooters and I have several up at minuteman many can be found on line or on paper at amazon or other booksellers or local Military surplus.Things are getting stranger by the day may be good info to have.




Friday, March 12, 2010

You tube as a resource.

On a continuation of prepping when broke,don't forget you tube.There are some awesome videos of almost anything you would want to learn.Dont be afraid to try something even if you mess up.Somethings you will get right off the bat,some might take several tries to get it right.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Knowledge is power.Knowledge is prepping.

Don't ya hate the weeks when you don't have the money to buy preps.One thing to keep in mind, you have access to a computer.

You have knowledge at your fingertips,study up on issues important to you,trapping,fishing,hunting,canning,gardening,long range shooting,learning how to sew,knit,spin yarn,make candles,raising animals,how to clean and butcher animals,cheesemaking,solar,wind,bio,power.

how to make a rocket stove,how to distill alcohol as fuel,medicine,to barter or share with friends.

How to drive a well by hand.How to make a small forge for your homestead out of junk.Find out which herbs,flowers and weeds have medicinal value.Find out what wild plants in your area are edible.

Maybe start researching what you might like to do next if you lose your job.

SO even if you don't have money to buy preps you can still prep.

Prep on.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Don't forget fishing.

In most discussions of teotwawki or other crisis where you would have to feed yourself,hunting always comes up sometimes trapping.Just a reminder fishing is a good way to gather food.as long as you have some kind of line,thin string and hooks you are in business.

No hooks try a gorge,if your are not familiar with this its a small strong stick,piece of stiff wire,nail,bone etc,you use it in place of hook let fish take bait ,gorge hopefully turns sideways pull em in it,in life or death situation I would let em swallow it.

To increase your odds over one pole or line,put out many set lines,limb lines,or a couple trot lines.A trot line for those who are unfamiliar is a long line heavy weight line with numerous drop lines,strech it across a creek or cove on a lake bait with several different kinds of bait with a little luck dinner is on.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Must read Article on surviving in Chile.

Residents are banding together,no food,no water, looters all around.This why you should prep.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Supreme court will be adressing gun rights under 2nd amendment.

The supreme court will be deciding if 2nd amendment applly's to states or only federal goverment.


Why you should prep.

One million people without power in the winter for 3 days at minumim.Could you survive with what you have now.


Earthquakes are becoming more frequent and more powerfull (deadly) do you have supplies and skills to survive a large quake.By now everyone knows of huge 8.8 quake in Chile,but what about this one only 3.8 but what if next one is Big?




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