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- T. Jefferson
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pig farmers are going down in Mich.!!!!

If you haven't read this,you should! These crazy son of a bitches are plum out of control!


They can't make sure the Huge CORP farms are feeding us safe food,they are NOT! But now they are going to destroy more family farms! Big Brother and SIS are off the hook! I think they need RE HOOKED!


Sunday, March 25, 2012


Well my boys finally gotta go shooting last weekend,I of course was on call and couldn't go.AARRRHHHggg!!! Well anyway they took my new Taurus m66 6in .357 and with hot hot cor-bons they said it was beautiful, mild recoil and dead on accurate .

They also took my Ak that was having problems hanging up,I had installed a plus 15 spring lubed and smoothed it. Well it still kicks like a damn mule,they all had cut and bruised shoulders to prove it.They traced the remaining hang ups do to piece of shit master crafter mag,every other round the slide hung,using my Tapco mags not a single problem! It's an I.O inc AK -47 c accurate,now dependable but with light weight plastic furniture DAMN it kicks as hard as anything I have shot.So either I go with a slip on Decelerator type boot (cheap) or recoil absorbing stock (not cheap).

And for any he men that are going to say 7.62x39 can't kick that bad,yeah well come on up and get Your shoulder bloodied and bruised..Had a buddy say I was a pussy till he ran a mag through it.His SKS had almost no recoil! I will say I picked the I.O. because of excellent reviews and light weight I guess there is a penalty for lightweight .30 cal carbines!

Now China whine time off call this week end.So did I get to go shoot MY guns? No helping one son with brake light problems on his 74 cj5 Cool old beast of a jeep kinda raggedy but manly and cool too. Then fuel pump in his s-10. On 5th trip up my blazer stalls I push it two blocks by my self Damn fucking Yuppies DO NOT know what flashers (hazard lights) are,seriously pull right up on my ass.This created one of my episodes Miss fancy fake ass pulls up 2 feet from my bumper waiting for me to go. After staring at her in my rearview like she is an idiot I get out point to driver side flasher point to passenger side flasher Show her Blink Blink FUCKING go around!!!!

BROTHER,she was probably 100th car that did that. Oh well got jeep fixed.Last night got s-10 fixed. Then Blazer quit again,so after I get fixed this morning I am going to install an entry door and new toilet flange for sis YEAH its IRON and cracked! Anybody want to trade life's ???

AHH hell bout 4 problems down 3 ta go!! Least my .357 is a shooter and I'm on right track with AK.

Boys and Girls life is eating up my time right now! PATCOM is on one way or another. We still haven't made down to snake Ind to check out site generously offered by our buddy Anon! We Will WE will!!!!

Be Prepared!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

Can't attend Patcoms? Do somethin on your own!

I understand not everyone can attend a Patcom. Work,family,funds,etc. But do something in your area. Do you have a buddy who feels like you do? Maybe a couple? I have very few,many people are SCARED... But if each of ya can reach one other man or woman.Don't forget the ladies! 3 or 4 you can trust is the beginning of a group! Start out slow and easy with new people,don't scare them off.

I think the things that are coming we will need groups with diverse skill sets and mind sets.Yet with common goals and visions. Soon Patriots will be a bad word much like they have made Militia a dirty word!

Planning to survive and belief in the Constitution is Not bad !!! Every American should believe in these things.

Even if your group is your family. Until you are sure you can trust new members be careful of what you speak of, always remember Opsec. You want your preps to remain your preps!

I am tired loosing my train of thought. Time grows short,do something. Please support those who are having Patcoms and traveling sharing knowledge!

Be Prepared!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Couple of reasons to prep!

#1 Solar storms seem to be getting stronger.


Financial collapse.


Asteriod strike. Paint it? are you fucking serious?


Tornadoes after this past weekend,do I need to say more? Do you have a tornado plan?


Finally it looks like we will Have Romney or Santorum or God help us Obama for President. America is in big trouble folks! Why more people don't see the virtues of Ron Paul is beyond me. Of the three above,I vote none of the above and once again see no real point in voting!

Be Prepared!




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