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- T. Jefferson
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Friday, October 18, 2013

Hooray,we are saved Reid and Mconnell saved us! Well theres still that small matter of 17 trillion dollars,no jobs,immigration, loss of Freedom, higher food and gas prices,etc. Other than that shit life's perfect.Chase is putting restrictions on business customers money. I still use Chase.However when they start telling me what and how much of money I can use,transfer,etc. It will be Bye Bye Chase. Is Chase aware of something us peons aren't? Well we know its coming,just not when!

I have seen much craziness to report.But I spent most of my lunch hour paying Indiana for the right to drive on their streets. More later.

Be Prepared !

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Damn crazy days! Missing my blog buddy's.

Wow Crazy shit going on in Washington! Obammy just ain't givin up on his bammy care even though it seems he is the only one who wants it. I personally have not spoke to one single person who wants it! I noticed he took free off his site. Well I recon it may be free for some,however I bet ya a paycheck folks like me,Blue,Dio,Craig,Nairb,Busted Knuckles,Rusty,Pickdog,etc will be paying for it.

Now at the risk of sounding Racist,why the Fuck was Crazy Joe in Mexico Promoting the amnesty program? Anybody? Humm can u say Democrat voters? Once again for the record I have no problem with folks coming here legally! Hell you can't hardly blame them. Raise your family in a third world shithole or come to the land of milk and honey. No brainer. Now the Dems would have us believe there id no way for all these poor souls to immigrate here. Yet other folks have immigrated here since there was an America.

Now these same bleeding heart Democrats want to set em up with food stamps,welfare,medical benefits,social security,disability,etc. Well Mr an Ms Bleeding heart,who the hell do you think is going to pay for all this?  Look no further than California to see how this works out. They are Fucking Broke!

Social Security is already almost broke. I don't expect S.S. to be there when my time comes. aprx 11-12 yrs from now. I have a small 401k plan. If Herr Obama doesn't seize it,i may be ok. But why should older Americans like my parents who worked their asses off running a business suffer because Obama and Biden want more voters?

I see a lot of hardworking Mexicans who presumably are legal,they have learned the language of the land.They are paying taxes. They are Americans. No problem. Welcome to America!

But sneak in drain our systems,send the money back home so when you get caught or make enough to return and live on it. You are the Enemy. Those in Political office who are helping you are the Enemy.

The next few days should be interesting. The next few years as America slips from the richest,free nation to broke police state nation shall be sad and scary. Many are already afraid to voice their opinions!!

It is time for a change! And I don't mean Obamas idea of change!

More to come.

Be Prepared!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hi everbody!

Hope everyone is well! Blogger and goggle and spammers just burnt up my lunch hour. Will talk to you all soon.Take care!

Be Prepared !




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