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- T. Jefferson
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Friday, April 30, 2010

Collapse comes tommorow.

If you were lucky enough to know the collapse was going to hit tomorrow or the day after,what would you do to prepare for it?Load up on food,buy gold or silver,stock up on ammo,purchase all the seeds you could?

For those of you who don;t scan the news constantly,I can tell you more and more mainstream people are reporting that our economy is not getting better.In fact they are saying that there is no way this deficit laden economy can sustain itself.

The main stream media is doing its best to convince us all is well.They have folks like Warren Buffet and other big names telling us the recovery is under way.I take anything anyone tells me with a grain of salt.I stop and wonder what is there agenda.

Well folks like Buffets agenda is keep you spending.The Government keep you spending,Grocery stores,wal-mart,k-mart,nordstrom's,sears,victoria's secret,Mc Donald's,Ford,G.M yep spend.

So knowing gas is going up,groceries up 6 straight months in a row,health care up,most utility's up.We are in a collapse have been for a while,barring a major calamity,I don't think we are just gonna wake up to a total collapse.I think it is going to keep going just like it has been,taxes up and more of em,gas and groceries,utilities all going to go up.Your wages will not keep pace.

At some point inflation will start up.Secret inflation already has that bag of chips for 3 bucks a year ago was much larger,so it is with much of the things we purchase.

So you do KNOW a collapse is coming,what will you do to prepare for it?


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The skills to survive.

Pete Smith posted a comment at Staying alive that got me thinking.Do you have the skills to survive?What skills might you need?There are many.But the first couple that come to me are.Food procurement,water purification,shelter making,self defense.These are basic skills you must have.

If you can build a shelter in case you can't be in your home.

If you can gather and purify water in case city water is down or can't get it from your well.

If you can hunt,fish,trap,or grow food.If you can defend your shelter be it a house or improvised shelter from predators 2 and 4 legged then you have the basic skills to survive.

Now is the time to learn and practice your skills,not during a crisis.Master these basic's then grow from there.If you haven't read Pete check him out here.



Monday, April 26, 2010


3 long days of rain here in Indy.I am ready for some sunshine.That rain is very good for my Tomato seedlings though.So far my little bucket garden has Tomato and green onions,next is cukes and lettuce and radishes.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

This is why we prep!

Tornado season is here.Check out this.


This among other reasons are why we prep.Still sound Crazy?


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back up.

Hey friends back up for now.

Survival.What does it mean to you? Those of you like me find there is never enough money to do all the things you would like.My preps have came a long way in the last couple years,but still no where near where I would like them to be.Even though our government is telling us things are better.I am not seeing it.So this will be a rehash of things I and others have posted before.Its spring in most areas.That means fishing.Time or nearly so to plant gardens.A freezer full of fresh fish and garden fresh vegetables.Two things you can do yourself for almost no money with big pay outs to you.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Computer is down.

My computer is down,I will be back as soon as possible.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Looks like Tornado season is here.

Tonight 4-7-10 we got our first tornado warning of the season.So far just some strong wind and heavy rain.Mother nature can be a scary old hag.Are you prepared for severe weather?Food,Water,lighting,first aid kits and/or supplies,portable radio?A secure place to ride out a tornado or your local severe weather? Be prepared.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Your Survival.

If your new to the survival game,it can be a bit overwhelming.Take a minute and think of what it is your prepping for? Natural disasters like Hurricanes,tornadoes,flooding,earthquakes.

Or possibly an economic collapse,maybe all the talk of the govt implementing martial law at some point.

Or fears of (name one)Russia,China,Iran, or some as yet unknown enemy attacking America?


Job loss.

Any and all of these are things that could possibly happen.So where do You start? Well in my humble opinion,It depends a good deal on your financial situation.But regardless of rich or poor.I say start with food and water.They will be needed in any situation you can think of.

Start by building a food storage pantry.Buy things you normally eat.Once you have a good supply of regular food.Then you can buy long term survival food.Dehydrated,etc.

A basic set of firearms,one handgun,one .22lr rifle,shotgun of your choice,I would recommend 12ga due to fact that they are common.16 or 20ga are fine choices as well.Ammo for all weapons.

Water is a basic of life,no water- no life.Store as much as possible.They make very good (but expensive) containers specifically for this,or clean out and recycle 2liter pop bottles.A good filter in case of city water being out for a long time.

To me these three are essential. From there you can build up.Seeds to grow your own food.Tools will be needed.Fire making skills.Clothes,making,mending.Alternative heating sources will be needed.

First aid and medical supplies and knowledge could be critical.

Books and info on things that will apply to your situation,remember there may be no internet or power even if its up.

Just a quick primer,and don't forget all the good folks in my blog links they have a ton of usefull info to share.




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