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- T. Jefferson
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Info on 3%4 Freedom.

3%4 Freedoms funeral was today.I have more info on his life and career up at Enemy of the state.The link is in my blog roll.He was a great man and I was lucky to have been able to call him Friend.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The loss of our Friend 3%4 Freedom.

I first posted it on enemy of state however not all who read this one read enemy.So for any of you who haven't heard yet.3%4 Freedom passed away from a heart attack Monday in his sleep,he didn't recover.

Any who have read his comments on survival or patriot related blogs know he was a truly nice guy,who attempted to help any and all he could.

For those who dont,He was a Marine scout sniper attached to 1st Force Recon Co.
He served 8yrs in the Corp He did see combat,He was Honorably Discharged.

He is survived by a Wife and 2 children ages 6-9. The only thing he loved more than this country was his Family.He was a Patriot in words and deeds.He longed for the day America would be again the America of our founding Fathers.

He was willing to Starve the Beast,elect them Socialist Bastards out of office,and as a last resort take up ARMS.He wanted a Free AMERICA for his children to grow up in.

The IRS sent agents to take his truck,he politely informed them no they wouldn't be taking it,he pushed one back away,the other freaked and pepper sprayed him,that was it, he beat the shit out of both.His best Friend and compadre R3Volution bailed him out.

Threeper had very good security programs on his computer something told him to check the logs,The CIA,army intelligence,Naval intelligence,Raytheon,Federal Reserve data mining,plus others.He was a regular guy worked every day,retired from Military.However this is the type who is being labeled Domestic Terriost,all because we love America the REPUBLIC.


All I can say is the Patriot movement has lost a true Patriot. R3V,myself,several of you lost a great friend,his family lost a loving Father and Husband.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Even cheaper ceramic filter kit.

I found a cheap $39.99 ceramic filter kit at cheaper than dirt,it contains spigot,filter,filter sock. Radio found the maker of this kit who sells them for $ 23.50. There is now no reason for anyone to not have this unless you can afford the $200 or $300 jobs in which case your probally not reading my site anyway. Big Thanks to Radio. Now Radio next on my list is steel core penatrator 7.62x39 ammo and really cheap ak mags.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ceramic water filtration system ( cheap).

We have been discussing water and filtration quite a bit lately.Well I was thumbing through newest Cheaper than dirt catalog and what do I see? A DIY filter kit,it includes ceramic filter,filter sock,and spigot. You come up with two food grade buckets Price is 39.97. Item# camp -352 at www.cheaperthandirt.com.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Preppin tools.

For those who are preppin for Teotwawki,dont forget tools.Hand tools,hammers,ballpeen,framing,household,sledges,mauls,wedges,tack,slag,etc.Shovels,rakes,hoes,grubbing hoes,saws of all kind,wood rip and crosscut,buck,twoman,hacksaw,limbing,etc. Files,rasps of all kinds.Drawknives and spokeshaves.Chisels wood and metal,gouges,etc.rivet guns and rivets.metal shears,dykes,bolt cutters,c-clamps,actually all kinds of clamps,vise,mechanics tools sockets and ratchets, breaker bars, extensions if you will have genarators or solar cordless power tools might be handy for a while 4 piece of ryobi pretty cheap,drill,sawzall,circular saw,light.If you've ever drilled holes by hand or tried to run in 3'' drywall or deck screws that cordless drill gonna seem very cool.Gather up parts to make a homemade forge cheap and easy could be very usefull.Perhaps old fashinoned wheeled cultivator.A good assortment of nails and bolts,washers,nuts,wire,etc.propane or mapp gas torch for soldering,or oxy acytelene for serious cutting and heating will run out of gases eventually but it might make transistion easier.Any specialtity tools your trade or crafts require? no time like present.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Massai fireboard and stick (friction).

I think they have much practice.But it did work.

Water from trees.mini survival course from a concerned lady.

If you have seen this Vid or one like it it's Not true.

There is almost no running water that is safe to drink,at one time it was true.Even if there are no factorys,etc there is still run off from farming poison rain etc.

I suppose if its drink it or die now vs drink and get sick or die later,I probally would drink.But if you prep you will have a filter and or treatment in your kit and you will not die from water or lack of,preferablly you will die from old age after long healthy life well hydrated.

Last ditch effort pain in the butt way to get water.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Survival notebook.

Just a reminder to start or update your survival notebook.If your like me you have millions of bookmarks,videos,blogs,websites,etc.But if the net goes away so does most of your info.When I first started notebook,I thought it was an original idea,Ha nope.

But it is a great idea.By the time your done it will be huge or take several to store that much info.And dont put it off,remember one minute too late? A lazy Sunday is a great time to start it.And do store it in waterproof Bag or container.

A few sugesstions to get you started finding,storing,filtering-treatment of water.Gardening sq foot,etc.How to set traps,snares,etc.Wild plant identifaction.Processing game,gutting-skinning etc.Canning,dehdryating,smoking,salting,etc of food.

Medical,how to suture,how to place a splint,etc.How to make candles.How to make fire.How to keep your children amused if it really gets bad,no cell phs,no wii,cable,oh yeah on an extended trip in the woods or wherever you may have to bug out,if the kids aint happy no one will be,games you can play without stuff maybe (leapfrog tag run sheep run etc).

SEWING if you've never done it, right way and a wrong like everything.Sewing and mending will be vital during bad times,get info. Millions of things you can put in notebook.Do you know how to make black powder,blowing stumps,guns,booby traps if it goes real bad etc.Do you know how to make booby traps,even if you are the type to never in this world use them,you need to know how they are made to avoid them.OK just some thoughts to get you started on YOUR notebook.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Welcome back Sunfighter.

Sunfighter is back in the blogs,some might remember him from down in the hills survival blog among others,good Dude check him out.




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